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The following is a composite timeline, basing on all the possible sources to create a composite image of the events in the series.


  • William ""The Refrigerator"" Perry, star of Da Bears, participates in the 1985 SuperBowl, writing about the event in his biography.[1]


  • Drug Wars take place in Central and South Americas. Led by the United States, they result in many governments being abolished and replaced with puppet right-wing ones, fiercely loyal to America.[2]


  • A Titan missile is decommissioned for use as a museum piece. This is the missile that will eventually become the god of the M.A.D. Monks.[3]
  • Morningstar's AI routines are initialized.[4]



  • February: Citadel Starstation nears completion, tensions rise, world divides into Soviet and NATO camps.[2]
  • March 21: The Great War takes place after the Citadel sends a fake signal about an imminent Soviet nuclear attack.[5][6] Humanity narrowly avoids extinction.
  • Colorado is saved from destruction by the missile defense systems of Cheyenne Mountain and Peterson Air Force Base. The polar vortex forms and with it, the long winter.[7]
  • A company of U.S. Army Engineers, seeking shelter, takes over a federal prison and expels the prisoners into the desert. The prison becomes known as Ranger Center, and the Engineers as Desert Rangers. As the weeks pass, they invite nearby survivalist communities to join them and to help them build a new society.[2]
  • Fountain of DreamsTitleicon-FOD.png Florida becomes an island after direct nuclear hits on Atlanta and several military bases in Georgia trigger a seismic backlash.[8]







  • Luke Samson leads the faithful on an exodus from the Angelus Temple to Griffith Park. Though he dies, the Militia lives on, unfortunately.[13]






  • The Battle of Punkin Center marks the last major engagement between the Patriarch and the Scar Collectors.[19]


  • Brother Wright is sent to recover the Titan from Silo 7. Instead, he barricades himself in and attempts to dismantle the weapon. For three long years he is unsuccessful.[20]
  • Feburary 12th: General Vargas commissions an investigation into the cyborgs encountered beneath Vegas in 2087.[21]





  • If the Desert Rangers choose to flip the turtle over at Rail Nomads, it triggers a series of events that leads to rogue robots appearing and massacring everyone in the camp.[26]



  • The Desert Rangers under General Wade Woodson choose to respond to the Patriarch's call and send convoys to Colorado, in order to secure lifelines necessary for the impoverished Arizona, still reeling from the devastation of the second war with the Cochise AI, to survive. Angela Deth leads the first convoy, only to go MIA.
  • May 10th: Wasteland 3 begins as the second Ranger convoy is ambushed by Dorseys, with only two Team November rangers surviving and going on to deeply changing the whole political landscape of the Colorado nation. After surviving the ambush, they are allowed refuge by the Patriarch at Peterson Air Force Base.[28]


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