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Toaster Repair Academy is a location in Wasteland 3.


The shining bastion of the ancient art of Toaster Repair.

Points of interest[]

The location is added to the world map automatically after collecting the five golden toaster parts (Do Not sell any of these items!):

  • Upon entering the temple itself you’ll notice several loot crates strewn about. Among some high end equipment is the unique Verchitin Armor set, a prototype military technology that seems to be made out of organic, alien material, and boasts a higher armor rating than power armor At 47! Also available to loot is the Tesla Arc Projector, a Unique plasma damage flame thrower.
  • The biggest boon however is located at the altar in the rear of the temple. Placing the finished golden toaster here turns it into Courageous, an AI controlled companion.

Notable loot[]