Toaster repair: Used to repair broken toasters on the workbench found in the Guardian Citadel.

Skill can be learned in the library in Las Vegas, Darwin Village, the Guardian Citadel, and Sleeper Base.

Wasteland 2Edit

WL2 Toaster Repair Icon

The ability to repair and maintain toasters. People leave the damndest things in there. Use Toaster Repair on any broken toasters you come across in your travels. You never know what you might find inside.

Toasters are essentially high quality chests, similar to Safes in that they can only be opened by the corresponding skill (and not Brute Force or Lockpick)

Survival Points needed02224446668
WL htds1 007
Wasteland 2 Director's Cut
The following information is from the Wasteland 2 Director's Cut only, and is NOT included in the Wasteland 2 Original Game.
Skill Perk
2 Junk Diver
6 Toaster Expert
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