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Ugly's Hideout is a location in Quartz.


  • The Cellar can be accessed through a trapdoor behind the counter in the Officer's Club.
  • The Roof entry is between the two buildings at Hubcap Blvd. in Quartz. A rope is needed to fully exploit this, and smashing through the glass will naturally turn all the guards in the hideout proper hostile.
  • Using the proper password to get in means that the entire gang will treat you as friendly, and not attack. They will continue this until either a shot is fired or a loot bag is picked up from one of the many fixed encounters in the area.
  • The cabinets in the eastern L-shaped room are full of interesting items for the most part. Feel free to use Picklock to help yourself to them.
  • The combination to the safe in the southern room is found on the bracelets worn by the triplets Huey, Dewey, and Louie from the Courthouse.
  • If you fight Ugly John, you will need to use Bomb disarm skill twice to save Felicia. Succeeding nets some explosive, easily usable on the vaults if you can't get in.

Fixed encounters[]

Name Type Exp. Pts. Maxcon AC Skill Damage Weapon type Range Group
Pic-1-44.png Marksman Humanoid 32 4-20 1 16 3d6 Semi-auto Med 1
Pic-1-44.png Gunman Humanoid 12 3-15 0 10 2d6+3 Semi-auto Short 1-3
Pic-1-38.png Bouncer Humanoid 28 3-17 1 1 2d6+1 Melee Melee 1-4
Pic-1-44.png Pistolero Humanoid 10 2-12 0 15 2d6 Semi-auto Short 1-4
Pic-1-44.png Guard Humanoid 40 5-25 1 20 3d6 Semi-auto Short 1-4
Pic-1-49.png Coydog Animal 20 5-25 0 1 3d6 Melee Melee 1-4
Pic-1-60.png Widowmaker Humanoid 32 4-20 1 14 3d6 Semi-auto Short 1
Pic-1-48.png Ugly John Humanoid 90 7-37 2 18 3d6 Semi-auto Short 1
Pic-1-58.png Felicia Humanoid 6 1-7 0 1 1d6 Melee Melee 1
Pic-1-12.png Ace Humanoid 15 3-18 0 1 2d6 Melee Melee 1