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Let me walk out of here alive and I'll give you the code that will let you disarm the bomb. You don't look like you could do it without it.

Ugly John is the leader of the gang that terrorizes Quartz in 2087.


The town of Quartz used to be a safe place to come to... Until a desert gang under Ugly John's lead came to town. Terrorizing the populace, they captured Mayor Pedros and his wife, Felicia, holding them hostage and instituting their own rule.


  • When the Rangers invade Ugly's hideout, he greets them with an Uzi in one hand and a dead man's switch in the other. He wants to trade the disarm code to the explosives wired to the Mayor's wife for his own freedom.

Behind the scenes[]


If posters were still a thing, Ugly John would be the poster boy for raider scum. He was one of the meaner, nastier pieces of outlaw trash in the Wasteland, though his ultimate claim to fame was his encounter with Ranger Team Alpha during the original Cochise conflict.

It was during that period that Ugly John's ambitions outgrew his abilities, and he decided to take over the town of Quartz, as well as taking Mayor Pedros and his wife Felicia hostage. However, once the Desert Rangers showed up, his plans went south. It all culminated in a showdown where Ugly John strapped Felecia to some explosives and offered to exchange her life for his freedom. The Rangers saved Felicia that day, and Ugly John was never seen again-a win/win for Quartz and the Wasteland in general.

~ Desert Rangers Wasteland Survival Guide