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Union Station is a location in Wasteland 3.


A grand old building from an age long gone, even before the apocalypse. Rumors are that its cellars hold secrets.

Points of interest

  • Located east of Denver Ruins, you'll be asked to visit Union Station by a radio broadcast from someone calling himself Morningstar. However, before you get to figure out who he is, you'll be meeting Fishlips, head of the Hard Heads' cannibal gang. In dialogue, you'll have a variety of options :
    • Kiss Ass 4 if you wiped out the Gippers, Kiss Ass 5 if you haven't to tell them to take over their stronghold
    • Hard Ass 6 to demoralize them in the fight that follows and gain Ranger fame.
    • First Aid 7 will allow you to talk Fishy down (holes in his face mean he'll be dead shortly; in exchange for treating them he'll let you pass).
  • Note that defeating Fishlips will result in not only loot, but also the chance to recruit him as a companion, so weight your options carefully.
  • Inside the station is another fight, this time unskippable. Doctor Denver is the head of the Hard Heads here and you can gain an advantage with Hard Ass 8 (demoralizing her goons). Loot her corpse for a pair of aviators.
  • The real objective here is the home of Morningstar, which is hidden. After meeting Scotchmo in the bar in the western part of the Station, activate the generator in the backroom (Mechanics 9 required) and activate the switches on the walls, which will power up a secret door inside the bar (the bottle counter). However, you can't access it just yet due to the secure door in the way.
  • To open it, head north outside the station, fighting through more Hard Heads. Loot them for the Danger Zone Helmet, then head to the shack to the northwest. You can enter through the front door (Lockpicking 7 or Explosives) or by disarming the level 7 traps in the back. Interact with the computer to unlock the database, and will open Morningstar's vault.
  • Return to the bar and enter the vault through the hidden door. You can talk to Morningstar there and learn that it wants to die after a hundred years of being trapped in an abandoned vault. See Call to Action for more details on how to resolve this situation.
  • You can always fight Fishlips on your way out. Or, if you wiped out the Gippers, suggest that he and his friends relocate.



Entrance fight

Inside the station

Further inside

Notable loot

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