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Kickstarter Progress update=

  • Total Cash pledged to date: Over $US1.7 Million (over both Kickstarter and PayPal)
  • Total number of pledgers: 34,000
  • Days to go: 17

RPG Codex donated $10k and had this to say:

Who could have predicted this like a year ago? Brian Fargo returning with Wasteland 2 like the f-ing CRPG messiah.

—RPG codex

Want to donate, or donate more? You can through Kickstarter and PayPal.

For those of you with iDevices, the game that basically started Brian Fargo's career The Bards Tale is on sale for $1.99 (£1.49 in the UK) in a package which includes parts 1, 2 and 3 as well as the later remake. Hopefully that will tide you over until October next year. Google fans shouldn't feel left out - an Android version is coming soon.

Donations have begun to pick up in the past few hours... we'll tell you why later.

Brian on Obsidian, and a new goal of $2.1 Million

Lots of talk about InXile working with Obsidian Entertainment, this week and we have some BIG news coming up. But first, Brian weighs in on the controversy over Obsidian missing their bonus by a single point on mediacritic and the developer-publisher relationship:

…Look at the most recent one with those poor guys at Obsidian. They did Fallout: New Vegas, the ship date got moved up and, who does the QA on a project? The publisher is always in charge of QA. When a project goes out buggy, it’s not the developer. The developer never says, “I refuse to fix the bug,” or, “I don’t know how.” They never do that. It’s the publisher that does the QA, so if a product goes out buggy, it’s not the developer’s fault. So, (Fallout: New Vegas) goes out buggy and they didn’t do the QA, their ship date got moved up and they missed their metacritic rating by one point. Did they get a bonus? No. Do you think that’s fair?…

—Brian Fargo,

It's worth noting that Fargo has been on both sides of that desk - Interplay at its height published games from companies that would later become Bioware and Blizzard, amongst others…

The conversation went on to say the following:

MF: You mentioned Obsidian. Have you spoken with them?
BF: I talk to them all the time.
MF: Would you consider working with them, especially given their current troubles… maybe reform the Black Isle Voltron?
BF: They are still working on projects. It’s not like they are going away. I have a lot of love for those guys.
MF: What about the people from Interplay? Honestly, us old guys would love to see Black Isle reborn in some form.
:BF: Well, if this project works, it will give me a platform for doing things again. I haven’t had an engine… or I’ve had an engine with no gas. If this continues to work, and certainly we’re off to a great start—this game has got to be great—if I deliver that, I think there would be a chance to build it up again. Nothing would make me happier.

And one last thing before we get to the big story… Here's what Chris Avellone had to say earlier this week about the idea of working with Brian Fargo"

Brian gave me my first job in the industry, I loved being at Interplay while he was there, and I love Wasteland. If there was a way to work both with Obsidian and work with Brian and InXile, I would do it.

—Chris Avellone,

Okay, now you're all warmed up, here's the BIG news… From Rock Paper Shotgun:

…if they can reach $2.1 million during the 17 days remaining on the funding schedule, they’ll be bringing in Obisidian Entertainment, including Planescape: Torment mastermind Chris Avellone, to help them make the game.


Although the Kickstarter still seems to be 400k of that, it looks like the guys have faith it will get there, and seem to be working on the assumption its going to happen. Here's what MCA had to say on the Wasteland Blog:

Wasteland is one of my favorite RPGs of all time, and when Brian asked if I wanted to work on the sequel, I jumped at the chance. While I’ve worked on Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas, getting the chance to work on the spiritual predecessor to the Fallout franchise is a honor.|Chris Avellone|}}

Yes people, that Chris Avellone. Now we've got them into one room we just need a vat of FEV to combine them into the ultimate master of gaming. Forgive me the editorialising, but I've upped by contribution from $65 to $115 on the news…. It seems I'm not the only one, in only a few hours after the announcement an extra $30k has been raised!

The collaboration looks like its going to focus on game development tools, whilst the programming remains at InXile, the tools will help speed the pace of development, and thus allow more stuff to be added to the game.

Thanks to Brian Faro's twitter, EverRuler and Tagaziel.

Some other quotes this week

Brian has given us a few clues on game development, not just in Wasteland

Wisdom of the day: "Don't put bugs in your code... you will just have to take them out later.

—Brian Fargo, Twitter

There is no right or wrong Only the consequence of your actions- This applies to our #Wastealnd2 design philosophy

—Brian Fargo, Twitter

Our $1.6 million would allow Blizzard to make their animated cinematics 1 minute longer!

—Brian Fargo, Twitter

Anyone who enjoyed Fallout 1/2 should definitely have fun with Wasteland 2. Playing W1 is not a per-requisite.

—Brian Fargo, twitter

Latest Wasteland 2 Kickstarter video

Here's Fargo in a Fox-news style spoof on Wasteland 2, Kickstarter and Kicking it forward

Brian Fargo Appears on Hard Drive

Brian Fargo Appears on Hard Drive