Backed Wasteland 2 - or getting it with Eternity - and want Beta Access? Until the end of january you can get beta access for $10.

However, if you’ve been a backer, there is a change in the rewards… Specifically the Novella’s..

  • Michael A Stackpole’s novellas look like they may, or may to happen.
  • Instead Stephen Blackmoore will be writing “All Bad things”, which dovetails into one of the cults found in LA.
  • Additionally Nathan Long will be writing a novella. You might know him from from several Warnahammer novels, and his work on InXil’es other current project, Torment:Tides of Nunmenera.
  • Chris Avellone as you may remember was working on a novella…. Now he isn’t. But its not bad news, he’s writing a NOVEL instead. This does mean it will be delayed, but come on, its a novel, by MCA. Who can complain about that?
Nukapedia will be playing Wasteland 2 again on 26 Jan.