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Update to Wasteland 3

Reworked templates[]

Effects: Problem[]

Currently, I am unhappy with effects on items and armor. It was a big idea to implement all effects into infoboxes, but there is just too many effects... Infoboxes became oversized, and copy/paste effects from one infobox into another became a true pain. So there will be more changes in infoboxes. Well... When i find better solutions.

Void Smasher (talk) 20:37, 4 November 2021 (UTC)

Effects: Solution[]

Solution was found in ability templates. So I made effect templates and currently applying them everywhere. In that way all effects will be consistent and easily modified.

Category Status Page Status
Category:Wasteland 3 armor mods done Wasteland 3 armor modifications done
Category:Wasteland 3 weapon mods done Wasteland 3 weapon modifications done
Category:Wasteland 3 weapons done Wasteland 3 weapons done
Category:Wasteland 3 trinkets done Wasteland 3 trinkets done
Category:Wasteland 3 cybernetic upgrades done Wasteland 3 cybernetic upgrades done
Category:Wasteland 3 armor done Wasteland 3 armor done
Category:Wasteland 3 Kodiak upgrades done Kodiak upgrades done
Category:Wasteland 3 consumables Wasteland 3 consumables
Category:Wasteland 3 status effects done Wasteland 3 status effects done
Wasteland 3 mutations done
Category:Wasteland 3 pets done Wasteland 3 pets done
Category:Wasteland 3 skill books done Wasteland 3 skill books Page reworked, but without effects.
Category:Wasteland 3 perks Wasteland 3 perks done
Category:Wasteland 3 quirks Wasteland 3 quirks done
Wasteland 3 backgrounds done

Void Smasher (talk) 11:47, 22 November 2021 (UTC)

Effect templates for Wasteland 2[]

Because effect templates for Wasteland 3 are almost done, I started the same work for Wasteland 2.

Category Status Page Status
Category:Wasteland 2 weapon modifications Wasteland 2 weapon modifications
Category:Wasteland 2 weapons Wasteland 2 weapons
Category:Wasteland 2 trinkets Wasteland 2 trinkets done
Category:Wasteland 2 armor Wasteland 2 armor
Category:Wasteland 2 consumables Wasteland 2 consumables
Category:Wasteland 2 status effects Wasteland 2 status effects
Category:Wasteland 2 skill books done Wasteland 2 skill books done
Category:Wasteland 2 perks Wasteland 2 perks
Category:Wasteland 2 quirks Wasteland 2 quirks

--Void Smasher (talk) 09:35, 25 December 2021 (UTC)