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For the handgun in Wasteland, see VP91Z (Wasteland).

VP91Z (Wasteland 2) is a tier 1 handgun in Wasteland 2.


Standard issue Ranger pistol.


The weapon generates alerts enemies (generates noise) in a 18 unit radius.

A very basic, entry-level pistol. Outclassed by pretty much any subsequent pistol or revolver.


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  • Starting weapon for Rangers with Handguns.


  • Manufactured by Heckler & Koch, the civilian VP91Z is a variation on the West German design (the VP70), with an 18 round magazine. It's the standard sidearm of the Desert Rangers along with the M1911A1 .45 Pistol.[1]


  1. Wasteland manual: "VP91Z 9mm Pistol: As well liked as the .45 pistol by Desert Rangers, the VP91Z is a variation on the West German design, featuring an 18-shot cap .45 of this weapon reduces the need to reload, making it ideal for extended firefights."