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Valor Buchanan is the son of the Patriarch in Wasteland 3.


One of the three children of the Patriarch, Valor was soft and spoiled according to his father. He fiddled with computers all day instead of learnin' the arts of diplomacy and war. When he 'accidentally' crashed his father's security systems right before his sister's coup attempt, Saul made him the 'official ambassador' to the Gippers, hoping he'd do to their systems what he'd done to his. Instead, however, Valor took revenge on his father by convincing the Gippers to cease the flow of oil to Colorado Springs. Valor's ego is massive and he believes himself to be the foremost expert on computers and general technology in the world, and keeps going over and over how his father lacks the vision to invest in tech beyond toys for his goons.

While the Gippers use him for his knowledge (and to maintain a century-old computer infrastructure that controls Denver's oil fields and runs R-OS, err, Reagan), Valor is actually a part of the Gippers' gambit to seize control of Colorado, to serve as a very special tool of the God-President Ronald Reagan: A vessel for his mind. Of course, Valor would be overwritten by Ronald and thus technically die, but Mother Nancy has neglected to share this fact with Valor, instead gently stroking his ego. Words are cheap, after all, and she has to do little beyond stoking his hatred of his father to make sure he does as he's told.


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Building a Better Reagan

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The Zealot