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Wasteland 2 Beta
This page has information from the Wasteland 2 Beta and may not be accurate when the final game is released.
"Hi. My name is Vax. Human-cyborg relations."
WL ani 247
race: Robot
level: Corporal (5)
stats: ST 30 IQ 30LK 40 SP 20 AGL 24 DEX 25 CHR 20 SKP 0 MAXCON 60
skills: Electronics 5,Doctor 4,

Toaster repair 10, Clone tech 3, Energy weapon 5, Cyborg tech 3, Spare Skill points 0

location: You can build VAX (he is a robot) at the robot assembly facility in Base Cochise.
WL ani 247
Type: Robot
EXP: 825
MAXCON: 18-93
AC: 10
Skill: 30
Damage: 13d6+2
Weapon: Automatic
Range: Med
Group Size: 1-7
Location: Base Cochise Level 2

Vax can be built by the player and recruited as an NPC at the robot assembly facility in Base Cochise.

Equipment: Power armor (equipped), Laser rifle (equipped), Pseudo-chitin armor, 19 Power packs .

Wasteland 2Edit

Vax can also be found at the Abandoned Railway south of the Prison. He can be reactivated and then join the party as an uncontrollable ally (like animals).

If the player retains Vax as a follower until the final confrontation with Matthias, Vax will be taken over by the Cochise AI and attack the player as soon as combat starts.