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Hi. My name is Vax. Human-cyborg relations.

Vax can be built by the player and recruited as an NPC at the robot assembly facility in Base Cochise.


An administration robot designed at Base Cochise. Vax is a powerful ally for the Desert Rangers and is designed to facilitate human-cyborg relations, as opposed to terminating humans at cyborgs' behest, like the usual hunter and killer robot variants.

Recruited into Ranger service, Vax reached the rank of General Argent. By 2102, he has been irreversibly damaged. He can later be found in a container at the Abandoned Railway, where Ranger Team Echo can briefly coax him back to life.



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This character is a party member.


  • Vax can be created at Base Cochise level 2, at the robot assembly facility near the center of the level. Look for a terminal that says "Robot Program Modification" and interact with the terminal. On a small CRT the Rangers will see the words "Break in program" blinking on and off. Typing RUN (anything else will produce a syntax error) will prompt the terminal to ask what kind of robot you want to assemble. A Hunter or Killer (A or B) will produce a generic hostile enemy, but option C (Admin) will generate Vax.
  • Vax is ideal for rounding off late game parties, as he is likely to have much higher stats than even the starting Rangers, comes with a full set of equipment, and has the valuable Electronics skill that allows for opening the cylinder rooms when keying in the self-destruct sequence on Base Cochise level 4. In fact, he appears to be implemented as a safety measure to allow unoptimized parties to survive: He can easily survive three out of four test chambers on level 3 out of the gate and provides valuable fire support while leveling up fast.

Wasteland 2[]

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This character is a party member.
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See below.

  • In Wasteland 2, Vax is an uncontrollable party member which means that while it becomes a member of the squad, it will not follow orders and will often charge headfirst into battle no matter what.
  • Rangers can use the Computer Science skill to reactivate Vax, making him a permanent but uncontrolled member of the squad. Using Computer Science twice on Vax grants it the Overclocked bonus (more AP). This effect is temporary and can be enabled again. It is advised to enable it before every combat. Rangers can also use the Mechanical Repair skill to restore Vax's lost CON points.