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Mistress Veronica is a specialist in blurring the line between pain and pleasure. She is also a talented leader and manager in her own right.


The right hand woman of Heidi Hollander is the Mistress. She loves whips, black leather, and ensuring a brighter future for everyone. She is indebted to Heidi, not financially, but due to the gratitude she feels: Heidi helped her out of a bad spot and elevated her to a position of responsibility in the HCC.

When the Desert Rangers talk to her, they learn her she has fallen in love with one of her customers only known as "The Broken Man", revealed to be Ascension McDade.

Two years after Team Echo's visit, Veronica hosted Angela Deth in the Hideaway, suggesting a small staff quarters room with a single bed for recovery on Deth's second day,[1] as well as giving a job to a woman named Mindy in the past.[2]


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This character has no special interactions.
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This character starts quests.

Bring evidence of slavery in Hollywood to Mistress Veronica
Find out who Veronica's Broken Man is
Gather votes for Veronica
Stop Heidi before she has a chance at vengeance
Cement the peace between Hollywood and the Bastion by freeing the penitents and wiping out the salt dealers and the slavers


  • In order for Veronica to open up about Heidi, the Rangers need Smart Ass 8 and either Kiss Ass 8 or Hard Ass 10. When the checks are passed, Veronica will reveal that while she doesn't think Heidi is a bad person, she has her concerns about her turning a blind eye to drugs and slavers operating in Hollywood.


Wasteland 3[]

Veronica is a character in Wasteland 3.





  1. No Way Home p.26: "On the second day, the mistress had suggested that a small room in the staff quarters with a single bed might better suit Angela’s recovery. Someone came by twice a day to ask questions about Arizona or her life as a Ranger—which always included a very polite request that she accompany them on a little walk, exactly as the doctor prescribed—and Angela was welcome to rustle up a meal for herself in the kitchen whenever she wanted. Other than the absolute luxury of a daily shower in the staff bathroom, Angela might not have realized she was in the finest brothel on the West Coast."
  2. No Way Home p.26: "Mindy smiled cutely. “She’s new in town! She mostly works for Jean Rambeau at the Gun Shop, but Doc Eddy has her helping out with”—Mindy leaned forward and dropped her voice into a stage whisper—“all the amputees.” She nodded to herself and her voice became bubbly again. “It’s hard out there in the world. I’m so lucky Mistress Veronica gave me a job here. Oh! Breakfast!”"