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Victory Buchanan is the son of the Patriarch in Wasteland 3.


The eldest son of the Patriarch of Colorado, and his one-time heir apparent, he proved so violent, sadistic, that his father disowned him and made his clever, ambitious, and hated sister Liberty the heir instead. Since then his self-destructive impulses have only gotten worse. Everything is a game to him, particularly if it allows him a chance to laugh at someone else's misfortune.

Victory is a genuine psychopath - never been right in the head. Since he was a baby he'd torture cats, terrorize the servants, set the house on fire. And he's only got worse. The things he'd done to the women he finds are too horrifying for even his father, who brought the state to heel. The Patriarch actually set aside a yearly fund for paying off the families of his victims.

When the Patriarch finally had enough, he put the little monster under house arrest up in Aspen. The Hundred Families there weren't prepared, as he escaped into the mountains first chance he got. Then he came back with a gang of crazy freaks and turned the place into a slaughterhouse. Since then, he has been taunting his father that he'll kill the remaining high value hostages. Of more immediate concern is the fact that Vic also captured a team of Rangers, including General Wade Woodson's brother, Riley Woodson.


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The Psychopath


  • The Psychopath: The target of the entire quest. Bring him home alive. Or not. If you decide to shoot him, you will receive a most amusing reaction as the Patriarch's favored son realizes that's the end of the road for him.