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Vulture's Cry is a character that can be recruited into your party in Wasteland 2.


The woman appears to be Native American. She has hard, proud features, and wears worn leather clothes and an assortment of feathers in her hair. Vulture's Cry is a scout from a Native American tribe from beyond the Arizona waste's southern border. When radioactive clouds of dust that blocked the way north were cleared by winds, she was sent north by her tribe with a number of other warriors to explore, learn, and trade. The tribe has cultivated hardy plants that can easily flourish in the desert with minimal water, making them excellent trading goods. However, raiders jumped the party not two weeks after she departed, nearly wiping it out, save for Vulture's Cry.

She attempted to head back south to her tribe, but the radioactive dust clouds had already moved back into place by the time she arrived, making it impossible to return home. Isolated from her friends, family, and even her children, Vulture's Cry waited for a while to see if the low-rad passage would open up. Then she decided the best way to use her time would be to explore as much as she can and return to the tribe with newfound wisdom and goods. She set out once again, eager and hopeful. Her first stop was Highpool.

Unfortunately, her arrival coincided with the Wrecking Crew's attack. She was seized, stripped of her gear, and imprisoned after Sean Bergin accused her of being a Wrecker spy. Stuck in the cage, she had to endure the relentless pestering by local juvies, until the arrival of the Rangers and her potential freedom.


Vulture's Cry is a hardy and crafty explorer from the Native American tribes surviving in Arizona. When dealing with foreigners (understood as anyone not born in the Americas), she has adopted an antiquated, stereotypical manner of speaking akin to an eight-hundred year old wise woman. She deliberately plays into the prejudices of the people she comes across, and can get double the price for my seeds when she does the "let me teach you the old ways" speech.

She will drop the persona if - before you let her join your team - you ask her about the juvies that were harassing her. She will angrily break character for a moment. She then explains the whole "noble savage" persona and drop the act whenever interacting with your team.


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This character is a party member.
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This character starts quests.

Get rid of the juvies pestering Vulture's Cry

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This character has other interactions.
  • Offers an unique interaction in Damonta.


  • If you do not save Highpool during the first Main Quest, Vulture's Cry will not be available for recruitment.
  • She is held prisoner in Highpool and mocked by the local juveniles. Vulture's Cry will agree to join you after you get rid of the kids bothering her.
  • If you get rid of the kids and open her cage before speaking to her, she will flee and you won't be able to recruit her.
  • Her equipment was confiscated by the Highpool merchant - Harold and can be recovered via level 2 Hard Ass dialog option. The recovered equipment consists of a G43-W sniper rifle, 20 .30-06 ammo rounds, an Unusual Bow, and her Pet Rock.
  • Sean Bergin will not be happy if you break Vulture's Cry out of jail, but you can claim you are arresting her.
  • She is known to speak Spanish. If you have her with you in Damonta and with Hopi she will speak to her in Spanish about the robots and the town.