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Wade Woodson is a Ranger stationed at the Ranger Citadel in Wasteland 2, holding the rank of Sergeant. By Wasteland 3, he is a general, replacing General Snake Vargas, who fell at the Citadel.


The resident radio specialist of the Desert Rangers. A true wizard with a radio and an antenna, responsible for developing the triangulation procedure for the Californian signals. Together with the rest of Team Echo, he returned to Arizona just in time to defeat the Cochise AI for a second time. He survived the battle where general Vargas did not, and was selected by the surviving Rangers as Vargas' successor.

Following his return from Los Angeles and diligent, distinguished service, Wade Woodson became the commanding General of the Desert Rangers through a vote.[1] Responding to the dramatic situation in Arizona, he dispatched Angela Deth (now a Colonel) as an Advance Team to Colorado Springs, responding to Saul Buchanan's - the Patriarch's - request for Ranger assistance, followed by Team November.


Wasteland 2[]

WL2 Skill Icon Hardass.png
This character is involved in quests.

Secure the perimeter at Santa Fe Springs
Test radio communications with Lt. Woodson
Reestablish contact with Citadel Base in Arizona
Upgrade rad suits
Expand the Rangers' broadcasting range in Los Angeles


Woodson plays a minor role in the Citadel, but once the Rangers are sent to LA, Lieutenant Woodson (field promotions affect not just the Ranger team) takes over the duties of Vargas as mission command and issues the primary quests.


  1. No Way Home p.23: "“You don’t think he’s qualified?” Pete asked gently.
    “I think he didn’t look for me,” she snapped. She shook her head. “He knows giving orders from the other side of a radio. What’s he know about being a soldier?”
    “There was a vote,” Pete said."