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Warrens is a location in Wasteland 3.


Rumor has it that there are treasures buried in the Warrens that have not seen the light of day since before the Deluge of Fire.

Points of interest[]

  • A rather large dungeon. The southwest corner is where you can enter the area from the Bizarre and has the local pig tender, Gwynplaine, radio DJ R.I.P. and Frank E Steen, holding watch over the door into the unsafe warrens.
  • These are a meandering labyrinth, where you can pick up a lot of loot (see notable loot section for details). The main confrontation with the Payasos will occur in the large chamber where Lieutenant Chuckles and his team are in. After wiping them out, you can explore the area. Use a flamethrower or Molotov cocktails to defrost the iced-over storage unit entrances, then use the Storage unit 108 key and Storage unit 109 key or Lockpick 7 to open them and gain some loot (including the unique Frostbite). The frosted-over door next to storage locker 107 (opens with Storage unit 107 key or Lockpick 7) contains The Provost, so you might be better off collecting him later.
  • The northern area can be accessed through another door, which has an alarm (Sneaky Shit 3 required for disarming). Beyond that lies the second major confrontation with the Payasos, but to access the chamber, you need to collect the limerick parts elsewhere in the Warrens.
  • To the south lies a chamber with a boss-like fight with the Frost Crawler and more clowns. The parking lot and the diner connect together and have another lieutenant (a second Giggles, it seems), who carry the second part of the limerick necessary to access the Payaso clown HQ. The diner kitchen also contains a level 5 broken toaster with another tarjan token and a locked safe with a bottle of perfume you can give to Gwynplaine. She will reward you with Liver Box.
  • The storage container in the southeastern corner leads further into the warrens. You can repair the generator here (Mechanics 5) to activate the computer and defrost the prison block doors. Down the corridor lies the exit to the surface, near the Dentist's office, and down in the southeastern corner is Lieutenant Giggles with her coterie and another limerick part. Attacking the diner from this side also allows you to attack the parking lot Payasos from a much better position (after closing down the hot steam vent with Mechanics 3), which allows you to start off with explosive barrels aplenty!
  • The final area, accessible once you have all the limericks and choose the correct final line (you get infinite tries) will feature the Payasos commander Ditso Gogo and a shrine to the first clown, El Payaso Rojo. Killing them will protect the Bizarre from harm. You will also find The Great Gurn here, traitor to the Bizarre.



Notable loot[]