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Frequently Asked Questions about Wasteland 2 by InXile Entertainment.

Production and release[]

What is Wasteland 2?

Wasteland 2 is a future sequel to Wasteland, a 1988 post-apocalyptic computer roleplaying game created by Interplay Productions, which was the predecessor of the more widely known Fallout series.

Who will be making it?

The founder of Interplay and one of the original designers of Wasteland, Brian Fargo, left Interplay and founded a new company called InXile Entertainment in 2003 and indicated that he wants to make a new Wasteland game. In 2012, he announced that the project would be funded via Kickstarter and that original Wasteland designers Alan Pavlish, Ken St. Andre, Liz Danforth and Michael A. Stackpole have joined the team. Obsidian's Chief Creative Officer, Chris Avellone, is also going to work with the team on the design and writing of the game.

InXile also hired Jason Anderson, one of the creators of Fallout, as creative director for a new, unannounced role-playing game which might be Wasteland 2[1]. He left the company in January 2011 to join Turtle Rock Studios, but his story and character designs will still be used in the game.

The music will be composed by Mark Morgan, known for his Fallout and Fallout 2 soundtracks, while concept art is being made by Andrée Wallin.

But didn't Electronic Arts own it?

The rights to the title were owned by Electronic Arts, but when they expired, Konami registered the trademark for use with their Yu-Gi-Oh series. In 2003, InXile acquired the rights to the Wasteland title from Konami.

Is this the project known as Meantime?

No, Meantime was a game canceled in the early 1990s, which used an updated version of Wasteland's engine and was a sequel to Wasteland in terms of game mechanics, but had an entirely unrelated story focused on time travel.

Wasn't a Wasteland sequel released already?

Fountain of Dreams was initially marketed by Electronic Arts as a sequel to Wasteland, but although it shared many gameplay mechanics with it, as well as a similar setting, it was created by an entirely different team and is not considered a "true" sequel.

While the Fallout series is considered to be a spiritual successor to Wasteland, it is not an official sequel (although it was initially developed as one), because Interplay did not have the rights to Wasteland at that point.

What platforms will it be released on?

On launch, it will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux. A tablet version might also be made in the future, while a console version is unlikely.

Will the Wasteland 2 package include the first Wasteland as well?

Yes, the original Wasteland will be released bundled with Wasteland 2, per a press release from Brian Fargo on July 10th 2012.

Will there be any DLC?

There will definitely be no day one DLC - everything is going into the game as it should be[2]


Will the game be a remake or a sequel? Or maybe something unrelated?

Given that the title is Wasteland 2, it appears that it will indeed be a sequel.

Where is the game set?

Brian Fargo confirmed that it is set in the Southwestern United States, just like the original Wasteland[3].

When is the game set?

It has been confirmed that the game will be set 15 years after the events that unfolded in the original game.

Who will be the main characters?

Just like in the original game, the player will control a squad of Desert Rangers[3].


Will it be an action-RPG, like the new Bard's Tale?

While InXile new Bard's Tale game was an action game light on RPG elements, Brian Fargo has indicated that he intends to make his new Wasteland more of an old-school RPG.

Will the same or similar character creation system be used?

The original game's mechanics were based directly on those used in the role-playing games Tunnels and Trolls and Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes created by Ken St. Andre and Michael A. Stackpole, who were also among the designers of Wasteland. It is unknown whether it will also be used in the new game.

Will we control the whole party like in the original or just the main character?

Like in the original Wasteland, we will control an entire party of Desert Rangers[3]

Will I be able to complete the game if I create just one character in the beginning?

Like the original game, Wasteland 2 will require a party to survive. That said, perhaps a solo character with all NPC recruits might be able to do it[4]

Will the game contain any form of multiplayer?

InXile is looking into how to make the game more social. There are no current plans for a strong multiplayer component, but it has not been ruled out either[2].


How can I contribute towards making the game?

Even though the Kickstarter project has finished, you can still contribute by pre-ordering the game from the official website.

Can I get my copy of the game through Steam?

Absolutely. The digital copies will be made available through Steam and other, DRM free, digital distribution methods.