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Thank you for purchasing Wasteland 2!

From the very beginning, it's been our dream to bring you a worthy follow-up to Wasteland , the grandfather of post-apocalyptic role-playing games on the PC. The game holds a special place in our hearts, and we are absolutely and completely thrilled and humbled by the incredible outpouring of support from our fans in allowing us to create Wasteland 2 , whether that's on Kickstarter or through their own independent donations. Wasteland 2 would not have happened without you, and we give our sincerest thanks to you from the bottom of our hearts for not just helping us bring this dream to life, but helping to make the game the best it can possibly be.

Thank you, inXile entertainment

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Manual Credits

  • Writers: Thomas Beekers, Matthew Findley, Eric Schwarz
  • Editors: Nathan Long, Eric Schwarz 
  • Designers: Maxx Kaufman, Eric Schwarz 


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