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Patch #3 for Wasteland 2 has added 46 achievements[1] to the game. The following is an exhaustive list along with the requirements needed to achieve them.

Some achievements are granted retroactively.

Cut achievements[]

Three achievements were cut from the game:

  • Butterfingers (suffer a critical failure with 10 locks and safes)
  • Some Help You Are (lose both Highpool and the Ag Center)
  • Strength of One (finish the game after having started with just one Ranger)

List of achievements[]

Image Name Requirements
B6e390ec6c6a7aa133298a70239fe9ddd4b9d717.jpg Persona Non Grata Get Ranger Team Delta to try and bring the player's Ranger party in by killing civilians and wreaking general havoc.
Cbf07133d6f794ceb4de8e302fe6d28dfecb739a.jpg A Night To Remember Get a sexually-transmitted disease (eg. Drippy Dragon from Anna at the Rail Nomads).
F13b80645262f5ca3e36d70cd7c3e809786b0dc2.jpg They Walk Among Us Allow the pod infection to run its course and lose a party member when they turn into a pod person.
67a099d2098b6d9e4758122da51abf7ddc5666be.jpg Peace On The Rails Complete Find a way to resolve the Topekan/Atchison conflict by brokering peace between the tribes.
2eb9f38181b8fc31881b3e45fc4f188798869866.jpg Wasteland Justice Bring Angela Deth along when you question Samuel Haas about Ace.
384dbb83afebaa89a7e289e8123ca077f264a67f.jpg Tasty! Give the Night Terror 20 pieces of candy
B1d5d45ba0e8ce61fa6d8abba8f9c2896079c85d.jpg Embrace The Glow Send the Silo 7 nuke to the Monks.
6633339814ecc691c02569354deea1f12112362e.jpg Fight Fire With Fire Send the Silo 7 nuke to the DBM.
C381eda1820c7d8652a57aa3f9bd9b3b918bcba3.jpg Red Wire, Blue Wire Disarm the nuke.
69bea441530fa69a1920e200dc4d3a8a8d1882d9.jpg A Gentle Heart Save Binh from Tinker.
6f120af2ec9f492e1957f89d83d59938096d2718.jpg Under Old Management Kill Steven Dengler and return Sam van Graas to his position as Mayor in Rodia.
8c7db44c5bd557a1019100a9108d00df94bb7425.jpg Hell Bent For Leather Complete the leather jerks questline by installing Chris van Graas as the Mayor of Rodia.
8fe8f2bf0b41d674671956f048f385e72b5bbdbc.jpg Self Actualized Remove Mister Manners from power by helping Tori Robbinson (Save a condemned man - or not).
85d7c2a7dc37d6807d8a4fd2196eab4d6a69488c.jpg How Rude Help Mister Manners eliminate Tori Robbinson (Save a condemned man - or not).
09587e84a6c3e159c90fb713449df5a275b41230.jpg Divine Retribution Install Retribution Jones as leader of the God's Militia, conquer Hollywood.
0c34437e8a98ede4c93fce52a4a254c3f2049e61.jpg Religious Persecution Kill Retribution Jones, Ascension McDade, and Malediction Mayweather.
Dbabd844cce45d88313798094c79e1a827ca2fae.jpg Sinners And Saints Install Ascension McDade as leader of the God's Militia, replace Heidi with Veronica, broker peace between the Militia and Hollywood.
2a34984a469c56fbe7d7bc9ec230be295a5d07df.jpg Too Much Time On Yer Hands Dig up every hole at Redondo Beach.
7ec4781cad1e8a605fcc1e134338be9d079a9f0c.jpg Blast From The Past Learn Combat Shooting.
7d5d44628f9cad53998163a9e5dd22f3d71ec066.jpg Pop Idol Find The Fin's poster (next to the western airlock in the Agricultural center
63728d2bfe70197f8f37c81cda76ba1354edafaf.jpg Ezekiel 18:20 Stop the execution at La Cienega.
C6412c3dcb1d95a4d460b381640fcf4e86bfdee6.jpg Cat Burglar Steal the Golden Spike without being detected.
3ad2424f58b326ddd09349503f6acd77df0759d0.jpg Not Monkeying Around Complete the game with a Ranger wearing the full gorilla costume.
8cdecc78b6c7b338f560320c563956ae44c31afa.jpg Sweet, Sweet Squeezins Have Scotchmo steal 5 Snake Squeezins from the party.
38f633e56ed3ee00e2314cf825e106ce5a1d2206.jpg Scavenger Find all the 16 caches on the world map.
5254d90d03aed1d21e7e200eddaa659ddef4ae92.jpg Call Of The Wild Use Animal Whisperer to charm animals 20 times.
6926699c7d891227cfb205ed4dba0af446c995ef.jpg Locked And Loaded Apply 20 weapon mods.
Ad434c715b3391f212140e8f833338616ebe9402.jpg Moo, I Say Tip 5 cows
347cbe1db74f849d81cbf224fcf5e034c68a934e.jpg Goat Simulator Charm 3 goats and have them follow the party (all three must be alive and following at the same time).
Db4a28e056e475ca6a02824b34402b298eb38989.jpg Son Of A Motherless Goat Have 3 Rangers wear the Amigos hat, jacket, and pants.
4b7280a459cb4d11184bb2b4a6661d074bb0fdae.jpg Better Left Buried Find the cache of E.T. cartridges in Arizona.
4b8f54850ce8acba9d2d867a11dbcaf1a77dfdbf.jpg Relics Of A Bygone Age Find all the 11 mysterious shrines.
Dd096cbfab4e4c65e65e18f6d0bebe67abe1c258.jpg Skin 'O Yer Teeth Finish a combat encounter with only one Ranger conscious (the others can be either unconscious or dead).
Ac4b1e4a5f596428580470c4451813c8b4c8d88f.jpg Wasteland Historian Read 45 lore entries in the game. This refers to books offering insight about the setting.
D54116c89029c24e729fb9af2b623db90cd6fd8c.jpg Elbow Grease Repair 10 locks, safes, and other broken items with Mechanical Repair.
F6db90febd117b9e0c9b84e73e11016122c68ecc.jpg West Of Eden Go to Los Angeles.
970d7d0d95b6316f20328ee0ca05200c7183430a.jpg Back Where It All Began Return to Arizona from Seal Beach.
0bc8863698c8d5abaffd4722b477c0ec3803bd2b.jpg Know Your Roots Find the Wasteland disk in Darwin.
Addb4f55ed937048c0bc1dafa5ecbaf4bac2482b.jpg Civilized Convince the Mannerites to stop eating people.
3d93288181fe14b3b9cd1badde01ab9693aea9ff.jpg What Does This Button Do? Detonate the nuke at the Ranger Citadel Museum.
16365eccf6560222df59f3951af35d82ae3206e1.jpg Pushed The Button Press the button in the Hollywood sewers.
266e4b3dc9902b5e5a041ae6559e6b7e0c9fe4fe.jpg Oops Accidentally kill a party member with friendly fire.
8518ebac8f61b0aa9f9ac930554a154786c003d8.jpg I Am Legend Complete Matthias' questline in Los Angeles.
26998be948661d67529baca09dc8e8bce40655da.jpg Fateful Reunion Meet Ralphy's dad at the Canyon of Titan Outpost One (Ralphy has to be in the party).
C98cb89b73bedbff59af202c30fc2fa002479399.jpg A General and a Gentleman Have General Snake Vargas detonate the nuke at the endgame.
D682751350c083fe263bf922823434973fdb416c.jpg Sinister Legacy Use the code from Finster's head from the Ranger museum to get into Darwin's underground complex.


Note: The achievements in the Mac and Linux versions of the game (both original and Director's cut) are bugged and do not work.

"Too much time on yer hands" (Redondo Beach) may bug if you fail to loot any hole, as you're unable to re-dig or re-access a hole once the looting menu is closed.