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Clothing fulfills a purely aesthetic purpose: It determines how your characters look, but has no bearing on gameplay.

If you're looking for armor, this article will help. If radiation suits, then this one will surely provide the relevant information.



Name ID
Amigo hat Wearable_Amigo_Hair_A
Biretta Wearable_Cardinal_Hair_A
Bishop's hat Wearable_Cardinal_Hair_B
Black pompadour Wearable_Evangelist_Hair_A
Blonde pompadour Wearable_Evangelist_Hair_B
Brown pompadour Wearable_Evangelist_Hair_C
Cardinal's hat Wearable_Cardinal_Hair_D
Cloth hood Wearable_Cult_Bomber_Hair
Dark ranger commander's hat Wearable_Vargas_Hair_C
Gorilla mask Wearable_Bonzo_Hair_B
Habit Wearable_Nuns_Hair_C
Habit with a hat habadabahysk
Iron helmet Wearable_Leather_Jerks_Hair_F
Leather hood Wearable_Leather_Jerks_Hair_D
Motocross helmet Wearable_Leather_Jerks_Hair_E
Popped habit Wearable_Nuns_Hair_D
Priest's skullcap Wearable_Cardinal_Hair_C
Ranger commander's hat Wearable_Vargas_Hair_B
Shiny metal helmet Wearable_Diamondback_Militia_Hair_A
Top hat Wearable_WLander_Hair_F


Name ID
Small pack FemaleRanger_A_Packs_A
Military pack FemaleRanger_A_Packs_B
Large pack (variant) FemaleRanger_A_Packs_C
Utility pack FemaleRanger_A_Packs_D
Modular pack FemaleRanger_A_Packs_E
Extra large pack (variant) FemaleRanger_A_Packs_F
Military pack (variant) Ranger_A_Packs_A
Bedroll pack Ranger_A_Packs_B
Tactical pack Ranger_A_Packs_C
Extra large pack Ranger_A_Packs_D
Large pack Ranger_A_Packs_E
Utility pack (variant) Ranger_A_Packs_F
Militia pack Wearable_Fem_Diamondback_Militia_Packs_A
Suicide pack Wearable_Cult_Bomber_Packs


Name ID
Amigo jacket Wearable_Amigo_Torso_A
Bare chest Wearable_Leather_Jerks_Torso_D1
Bare chest with necklace Wearable_Leather_Jerks_Torso_E2
Bare muscular chest Wearable_Leather_Jerks_Torso_E1
Bare tattooed chest Wearable_Leather_Jerks_Torso_D2
Battle whimple Wearable_Nuns_Torso_A
Bishop's shirt Wearable_Cardinal_Torso_A
Black corset Wearable_Nuns_Torso_C
Black flack vest Wearable_P_P_Priest_Torso_A
Black habit Wearable_Nuns_Torso_B
Black leather coat Wearable_P_P_Priest_Torso_C
Black leather combat vest Wearable_Diamondback_Militia_Torso_A
Black polyester sport coat Wearable_Evangelist_Torso_A
Black polyester sport coat (variant) Wearable_Evangelist_Torso_B
Black tunic Wearable_P_P_Priest_Torso_B
Bondage vest Wearable_80sNW_Torso_E
Brown patchwork shirt Wearable_Male_Mann_Torso_B
Butcher's smock Wearable_WLander_Torso_E
Cut-off t-shirt Wearable_80sNW_Torso_C
Doctor's coat Wearable_Male_Doctor_Torso
Dress suit Wearable_Pres_Torso
Exploded chest Wearable_P_Larson_Torso_B
Extra large red top Wearable_Ollie_Nancy_Torso
Gorilla top Wearable_Bonzo_Torso
Gray suede jacket Wearable_80sNW_Torso_D
Grimy vest Wearable_Hobo_Torso_B
Heavy leather coat Wearable_WLander_Torso_D
Iron shoulder pads Wearable_Red_Skorpion_Torso_B
Jacket with grenade bandolier Wearable_Cult_Bomber_Torso
Lab coat Wearable_Kathy_Torso
Lace bustier Wearable_Hooker_Trad_Torso_B
Latex bustier Wearable_Hooker_Bond_Torso_A
Leather harness Wearable_Hooker_Bond_Torso_C
Leather jacket Wearable_P_Larson_Torso_A
Leather tactical vest Wearable_Vargas_Torso_B
Leather tunic with plates Wearable_Leather_Jerks_Torso_C
Leather vest Wearable_80sNW_Torso_B
Long sleeve t-shirt Wearable_Leather_Jerks_Torso_A
Magnificent robe tunic Wearable_Matthias_Torso
Monk robes jacket Wearable_Mad_Monk_Torso_A
Pink lace bra Wearable_Hooker_Trad_Torso_A
Plaid shirt Wearable_Matt_F_Torso
Plastic chest plate Wearable_Topekan_Torso_A
Priest's battle vest Wearable_P_P_Priest_Torso_D
Priest's shirt Wearable_Cardinal_Torso_B
Red polyester sport coat Wearable_Evangelist_Torso_C
Red shoulder pads Wearable_Red_Skorpion_Torso_A
Red zipper jacket Wearable_80sNW_Torso_A
Rusted shoulder pads Wearable_Red_Skorpion_Torso_C
Sarape Wearable_Gipper_Torso_A
Security uniform shirt Wearable_Ollie_Torso_A
Tight shirt Wearable_Default_A_Torso
Tool necklace Wearable_WLander_Torso_B
Triangular chest plate Wearable_WLander_Torso_A
Uniform jacket Wearable_Vargas_Torso_A
Vest and pauldrons Wearable_WLander_Torso_C
White suit jacket Wearable_MR_Manners_Torso


Name ID
Amigo pants Wearable_Amigo_Legs_A
Bishop's skirt Wearable_Cardinal_Legs_B
Black jeans Wearable_80sNW_Legs_A
Black leather pants Wearable_Diamondback_Militia_Legs_A
Black polyester slacks Wearable_Evangelist_Legs_A
Black polyester slacks (variant) Wearable_Evangelist_Legs_B
Black slacks Wearable_Kathy_Legs
Blue jeans Wearable_80sNW_Legs_C
Bondage cargo pants Wearable_WLander_Legs_B
Brightly colored pants Wearable_80sNW_Legs_D
Buckskin pants Wearable_Leather_Jerks_Legs_B
Buckskin pants (Vargas) Wearable_Vargas_Legs_A
Cardinal's skirt Wearable_Cardinal_Legs_A
Cowboy jeans Wearable_Vargas_Legs_B
Extra large red skirt Wearable_Ollie_Nancy_Legs
Gorilla legs Wearable_Bonzo_Legs
Jeans with fanny pack Wearable_Cult_Bomber_Legs
Leather pants Wearable_Leather_Jerks_Legs_A
Leather tribal top Wearable_WLander_Legs_C
Leggings Wearable_Default_A_Legs
Magnificent robe skirt Wearable_Matthias_Legs
Padded cargo pants Wearable_WLander_Legs_A
Patchwork khakis Wearable_Male_Mann_Legs_B
Red camo pants Wearable_80sNW_Legs_B
Red polyester slacks Wearable_Evangelist_Legs_C
Security uniform pants Wearable_Ollie_Legs_A
Simple blue jeans Wearable_Matt_F_Pants
Stockings and garters Wearable_Hooker_Trad_Legs_B
Thigh-high boots Wearable_Hooker_Bond_Legs_A
Work pants Wearable_WLander_Legs_D

NPC clothing[]

These items are not explicitly available to the player as discrete choices. They can, however, be edited into the game's saves, but may cause bugs due to missing images.

Name ID Description Type
Black jeans 80sNW_Legs_A Black jeans and combat boots. A look that never goes out of style. Legs slot clothing
Red camo pants 80sNW_Legs_B Blend in with the locals in these red and purple camo pants. Legs slot clothing
Baggy jeans 80sNW_Legs_D These baggy jeans will make your ass look phat. Legs slot clothing
Mariachi pants Amigo_Legs_A Black and silver mariachi pants. Muy macho! Legs slot clothing
Gorrila legs Bonzo_Legs Go ape in these groovy gorilla pants! Legs slot clothing
Jeans with fanny pack Cult_Bomber_Legs Irradiated jeans glow in the dark - great fun at parties! Legs slot clothing
Black polyester slacks Evangelist_Legs_A If you're a man of the cloth, that cloth should be black. Legs slot clothing
Black polyester slacks Evangelist_Legs_B If you're a man of the cloth, that cloth should be black. Legs slot clothing
Red polyester slacks Evangelist_Legs_C Who says you can't preach the word of god and still look sharp? Legs slot clothing
Layered mini-skirt Fem_80sNW_Legs_A Nothing says "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" like these layered minis. Legs slot clothing
Gecko hide pants Fem_Leather_Jerks_Legs_B Legs slot clothing
Cowgirl pants Fem_Male_Gipper_Legs_B Legs slot clothing
Short patchwork skirt Fem_Mann_Legs_A It would be impolite to wear a skirt any shorter than this. Legs slot clothing
Long patcxhwork skirt Fem_Mann_Legs_B A modest skirt is a sign of good manners. Legs slot clothing
Tire armor legs Fem_MannGuard_Legs You'll never be tired treading around in this leg armor. Legs slot clothing
Fancy pants Fem_P_P_Priest_Legs_B Legs slot clothing
Power skirt Fem_Robb_Legs_A Wear this skirt and seize the day. Legs slot clothing
Power jeans Fem_Robb_Legs_B Skin tight jeans are a prefect expression of ultimate power. Legs slot clothing
Loincloth Fem_Topekan_Legs_A This loincloth is handmade from the remnants of past civilizations. Legs slot clothing
Pants Fem_WLander_Legs_A Form follows function in these fashionless pants! Legs slot clothing
Shorts over pants FemaleRanger_A_Legs_A Hot pants over corduroy, the look that says, I'm paranoid about spiders. Legs slot clothing
Khaki camo pants FemaleRanger_A_Legs_B Desert camo pants, you won't be caught dead in them. Legs slot clothing
Fireman's pants FemaleRanger_A_Legs_C Vintage fireman's pants are so in right now. Legs slot clothing
Padded leather pants FemaleRanger_A_Legs_D Your knees will thank you for buying these padded leather pants. Legs slot clothing
Tweed pants FemaleRanger_A_Legs_E Tweed hunting trousers, good for whatever you're hunting. Legs slot clothing
Cargo shorts FemaleRanger_A_Legs_F Be a fashion rebel in cargo shorts and moccasins. Legs slot clothing
Western cut jeans Gipper_Legs_A Real mean wear their boots outside their jeans. Legs slot clothing
Leather chaps Gipper_Legs_B Nothing says manly like assless chaps. Legs slot clothing
Dirty pants Hobo_Legs_A These pants smell strong enough to stand up on their own. Legs slot clothing
Thigh-high boots Hooker_Bond_Legs_A Everybody's going for those kinky boots... Legs slot clothing
Black leather pants Hooker_Bond_Legs_B Nothing beats black leather, because black leather beats everything. Legs slot clothing
Torn stockings Hooker_Trad_Legs_A Holy moley will you look good in these pre-ripped stockings! Legs slot clothing
Stockings and garters Hooker_Trad_Legs_B Nothing says old-fashioned values like a garterbelt and stockings. Legs slot clothing
Skinny jeans Junkie_Legs_A These aren't skinny jeans, these are skeletal jeans. Legs slot clothing
Black slacks Kathy_Legs No-nonsense black slacks. Legs slot clothing
Leather pants Leather_Jerks_Legs_A Nothing's cooler than leather pants - except taking them off. Legs slot clothing
Buckskin pants Leather_Jerks_Legs_B Hand-stitched buckskins give these pants that rugged, outdoor look. Legs slot clothing
Laced leather pants Leather_Jerks_Legs_C Natural leather and fancy lacing makes this the look for fall. Legs slot clothing
Monk robes skirts Mad_Monk_Legs_A These robes give off the warm, cozy glow of unshielded radiation. Legs slot clothing
Man skirt Male_Fem_Gip_Legs_A Legs slot clothing
Bondage bottoms Male_Hooker_Bond_Legs_B Legs slot clothing
Patchwork jeans Male_Mann_Legs_A There's nothing flashy about these pants. Flashiness is impolite. Legs slot clothing
Patchwork khakis Male_Mann_Legs_B These pants are too proper to be called pants. They should be called trousers. Legs slot clothing
Tire armor legs Male_MannGuard_Legs You'll never be tired treading around in this leg armor. Legs slot clothing
Murse pants Male_Nuns_Legs_C Legs slot clothing
Smart casual pants Male_Robb_Legs_A These pants are proof that it's better to look good than to feel good. Legs slot clothing
Work jeans Male_Robb_Legs_B These are motivational pants. Wear them and you'll work hard to afford better pants. Legs slot clothing
Magnificent robe skirts Matthias_Legs These robes are magificent, but they smell faintly of motor oil. Legs slot clothing
White suit pants MR_Manners_Legs An impossibly white pair of pants. Legs slot clothing
Black culottes Nuns_Legs_A These is nothing so terrifiying as a nun's battle-culottes. Legs slot clothing
Black skirt Nuns_Legs_B A smart, knee-length skirt, perfect for fighting or praying in. Legs slot clothing
Black skirt and tights Nuns_Legs_C This skirt and tights ensemble lets you kick unbelievers in the face without embarassment. Legs slot clothing
Security uniform pants Ollie_Legs_A Standard issue security unform pants, slightly soiled. Legs slot clothing
Extra large red skirt Ollie_Nancy_Legs It's not easy finding a cute little dress like this in 42 long. Legs slot clothing
Black twill pants P_P_Priest_Legs_A These tough, heavy twill pants are ideal for praying, or preying. Legs slot clothing
Black pants and boots P_P_Priest_Legs_B These heavy boots are perfect for grinding the heads of unbelievers beneath your heels. Legs slot clothing
Dress pants Pres_Legs These dress pants will make you feel like the commander in chief! Legs slot clothing
Padded leather pants Ranger_A_Legs_A Your knees will thank you for buying these padded leather pants. Legs slot clothing
Khaki pants Ranger_A_Legs_B Looks smart in para-military style khaki! Legs slot clothing
Cargo pants Ranger_A_Legs_C These cargo pants have pockets for every occasion! Legs slot clothing
Digital camo pants Ranger_A_Legs_D Digital camo in a post digital age - so poetic. Legs slot clothing
Armored pants Ranger_A_Legs_E Hard plastic armor will protect you from bullets, and wiping out on your BMX bike. Legs slot clothing
Work pants Ranger_A_Legs_F Heavy twill work pants give you that hot proletariat look. Legs slot clothing
Leather pants with cup Red_Skorpion_Legs_A Hmmm, codpiece or Decepticon? You decide. Legs slot clothing
Stictched pants with cut Red_Skorpion_Legs_B Make a statement with this blood red cod piece! Legs slot clothing
Loincloth Topekan_Legs_A This loincloth is handmade from the remnants of past civilizations. Legs slot clothing
Buckskin pants Vargas_Legs_A Buckskins, pearl-handled revolver, cowboy boots - you must be a cowboy! Legs slot clothing
Cowboy jeans Vargas_Legs_B The man who wears these pants is ready for anything. Legs slot clothing
Blue jeans 80sNW_Legs_C Basic blue jeans. A wardrobe essential. Torso slot clothing
Red zipper jacket 80sNW_Torso_A This Jacket is bad! You can't beat it! Torso slot clothing
Leather vest 80sNW_Torso_B You'll be a stud in this studded leather vest. Torso slot clothing
Cut-off t-shirt 80sNW_Torso_C Be daring in this midriff baring tee. Torso slot clothing
Gray suede jacket 80sNW_Torso_D This combo of gray jacket and black shirt is perfect for going out - or breaking in! Torso slot clothing
Bondage vest 80sNW_Torso_E You'll be dancing with yourself in this barely there bondage vest! Torso slot clothing
Mariachi jacket Amigo_Torso_A Black and silver mariachi jacket. Muy guapo! Torso slot clothing
Gorilla mask Bonzo_Head Torso slot clothing
Gorilla top Bonzo_Torso Nobody will monkey with you wearing this groovy gorilla get up. Torso slot clothing
Jacket with grenade bandolier Cult_Bomber_Torso Nothing says Faith like Nuclear Hand Grenades Torso slot clothing
Black polyester sport coat Evangelist_Torso_A If you're a man of the cloth, that cloth should be black. Torso slot clothing
Black polyester sport coat Evangelist_Torso_B If you're a man of the cloth, that cloth should be black. Torso slot clothing
Red polyester sport coat Evangelist_Torso_C Who says you can't preach the word of god and still look sharp? Torso slot clothing
Red corset Fem_80sNW_Torso_A Will this corset help you keep it all together? Of course it will! Torso slot clothing
Cut-off sweatshirt Fem_80sNW_Torso_B Off the shoulder is so pre-apocalypse. Off both shoulders is where it's at! Torso slot clothing
Brown skirt Fem_Gip_Legs_A Perfect for the boardroom or the bedroom, this power skirt will keep you on top. Torso slot clothing
Tan blazer Fem_Gip_Torso_A There's nothing that says "Business Time" like a coordinating power blazer. Torso slot clothing
Beige blouse Fem_Gip_Torso_B Take charge in this modest yet matronly power blouse. Torso slot clothing
Gecko hide shirt Fem_Leather_Jerks_Torso_C Torso slot clothing
Poncho Fem_Male_Gipper_Torso_B Torso slot clothing
Patchwork tunic Fem_Mann_Torso_A Don't mention the crude stitching. That wouldn't be polite. Torso slot clothing
Low-cut patchwork tunic Fem_Mann_Torso_B Politeness requires the wearing of a shirt under such an immodest neckline. Torso slot clothing
Patchwork tunic with scarf Fem_Mann_Torso_C What the well-mannered woman is wearing this year. Torso slot clothing
Tire armor chest plate Fem_MannGuard_Torso No need to retire this chest armor, just rotate the shoulder pads every 3000 miles. Torso slot clothing
Halter top Fem_Red_Skorpion_Torso_C Torso slot clothing
Power blouse Fem_Robb_Torso_A Don't let anyone tell you you can't wear this top. Torso slot clothing
Business blouse Fem_Robb_Torso_B Ties mean business! Torso slot clothing
Power smock Fem_Robb_Torso_C Success will be yours in this self-actualized top. Torso slot clothing
Bikini top Fem_Topekan_Torso_A You'll look authentic in this artisinal bikini top. Torso slot clothing
Chest plate Fem_Topekan_Torso_B This top is made from organically harvested hair clips. Torso slot clothing
Sports bra Fem_WLander_Torso_A It's hot in the wasteland, and so are you in this revealing top. Torso slot clothing
Sweater and vest Fem_WLander_Torso_B Bundle up! This bulky outfit offers absolutely no protection against radiation. Torso slot clothing
Heavy leather coat FemaleRanger_A_Torso_A A heavy coat is a must in the Arizona wastes. Torso slot clothing
White flak vest FemaleRanger_A_Torso_B The layered look, flak vest over leather. Stylish and safe. Torso slot clothing
Black flak vest FemaleRanger_A_Torso_C This cute flak vest will win your heart - by not allowing it to penetrated by a bullet. Torso slot clothing
Brown leather coat FemaleRanger_A_Torso_D A heavy coat for heavy weather or heavy fire. Torso slot clothing
Blue fleece jacket FemaleRanger_A_Torso_E A fleecy blue jacket for those cold wasteland nights. Torso slot clothing
Bevor flak jacket FemaleRanger_A_Torso_F This heavy duty flak vest makes a bold statement... about safety. Torso slot clothing
Sarape Gipper_Torso_A Nobody will know your name when you wear this genuine Italian sarape. Torso slot clothing
Poncho Gipper_Torso_B Stay warm with this cozy poncho and neckerchief combo! Torso slot clothing
Maroon shirt with flash Gipper_Torso_C As every cowboy knows, it's the accessories that make the man. Torso slot clothing
Filthy jacket Hobo_Torso_A This jacket has its own flourishing ecosystem. Torso slot clothing
Grimy vest Hobo_Torso_B You'll want to burn this vest before putting it on. Torso slot clothing
Latex bustier Hooker_Bond_Torso_A Latex is so slimming. Torso slot clothing
Low-cut rubber top Hooker_Bond_Torso_B Flaunt what you've got in this peekaboo rubber top. Torso slot clothing
Leather harness Hooker_Bond_Torso_C Strap in, it's going to be a bumpy ride. Torso slot clothing
Pink lace bra Hooker_Trad_Torso_A A bra so nice you won't want to cover it up! Torso slot clothing
Lace bustier Hooker_Trad_Torso_B This bustier will make you bustier! Torso slot clothing
Mesh top Hooker_Trad_Torso_C This laced top will have to fellas tying themselves in knots! Torso slot clothing
Tank top Junkie_Torso_A This isn't a tank top, it's a stank top. Torso slot clothing
Sleeveless t-shirt Junkie_Torso_B A sleeveless shirt makes it easier to find a vein. Torso slot clothing
Lab coat Kathy_Torso A white lab coat always adds an air of authority. Torso slot clothing
Metal chest armor Leather_Jerks_Shoulders_A Self-preservation and self-respect are combined in this stylish chest armor. Torso slot clothing
Spiked metal chest armor Leather_Jerks_Shoulders_B See your enemies flee before you when you wear this intindating set of armor. Torso slot clothing
Long sleeve t-shirt Leather_Jerks_Torso_A Short sleeve over long sleeve is this year's hottest trend. Torso slot clothing
Gray tunic Leather_Jerks_Torso_B Show off your manly figure in this form-fitting tunic. Torso slot clothing
Leather tunic with plates Leather_Jerks_Torso_C Metal plate over leather makes you look confident and feel confident. Torso slot clothing
Bare chest Leather_Jerks_Torso_D1 Naked is always an option, though not always the best option. Torso slot clothing
Bare tattooed chest Leather_Jerks_Torso_D2 Bitchin' tats, bro. Torso slot clothing
Leather harness Leather_Jerks_Torso_D3 For those who like the look of leather without the protection, this harness is for you. Torso slot clothing
Bare muscular chest Leather_Jerks_Torso_E1 Why wear leather armor when your skin is as tough as a boot. Torso slot clothing
Bare chest with necklace Leather_Jerks_Torso_E2 The ears of your fallen enemies is this year's most outre acccessory. Torso slot clothing
Monk robes jacket Mad_Monk_Torso_A These robes give off the warm, cozy glow of unshielded radiation. Torso slot clothing
Pirate's blouse Male_Fem_Gip_Torso_B Torso slot clothing
Patchwork shirt and vest Male_Mann_Torso_A A modest vest and simple shirt. Very polite. Torso slot clothing
Brown patchwork shirt Male_Mann_Torso_B There is nothing improper about this shirt. Torso slot clothing
Gray patchwork shirt Male_Mann_Torso_C You'd be proud to wear this shirt, if pride wasn't a sin. Torso slot clothing
Long sleeve patchwork shirt Male_Mann_Torso_D No one could ever accuse you of immodesty in this shirt. Torso slot clothing
Tire armor chest plate Male_MannGuard_Torso No need to retire this chest armor, just rotate the shoulder pads every 3000 miles. Torso slot clothing
Blue polo shirt Male_Robb_Torso_A If you want to live a life of leisure, you've got to dress the part. Torso slot clothing
Polo shirt with tie Male_Robb_Torso_B Ties mean business! Torso slot clothing
Dress shirt Male_Robb_Torso_C Dress for success in this distressed dress shirt. Torso slot clothing
Red polo shirt Male_Robb_Torso_D A genuine pre-apocalypse polo shirt. Now all you need is a pony and a mallet. Torso slot clothing
Business shirt Male_Robb_Torso_E Achieve ultimate power with this powerful shirt and tie combo. Torso slot clothing
Simple blue jeans Matt_F_Pants Simple blue jeans, somewhat worse for wear. Torso slot clothing
Plaid shirt Matt_F_Torso A very manly plaid shirt. You could cut down trees in a shirt like this. Torso slot clothing
Magnificent robe tunic Matthias_Torso These robes are magificent, but they smell faintly of motor oil. Torso slot clothing
White suit jacket MR_Manners_Torso An impossibly white suit jacket. Torso slot clothing
Black leather skirts Nuns_Legs_D This black leather habit is both functional and intimidating. Torso slot clothing
Battle whimple Nuns_Torso_A Protect yourself from impure air and impure thoughts with this battle-whimple. Torso slot clothing
Black habit Nuns_Torso_B You'll make a habit of wearing this fun, functional habit. Torso slot clothing
Black corset Nuns_Torso_C Snug-fitting cruci-corset allows ease of movement while fighting. Torso slot clothing
Leather habit Nuns_Torso_D You'll have unbelievers converting in droves when you wear this tight leather habit. Torso slot clothing
Extra large red top Ollie_Nancy_Torso It's not easy finding a cute little dress like this in 42 long. Torso slot clothing
Security uniform shirt Ollie_Torso_A Dress shirt and shoulder holster, the go-to look for the world-weary cop on your gift list. Torso slot clothing
Black flack vest P_P_Priest_Torso_A If the cross doesn't protect you, the flak vest will. Torso slot clothing
Black tunic P_P_Priest_Torso_B The dog collar and double holster look is all the rage in ecclesiastical circles this year. Torso slot clothing
Black leather coat P_P_Priest_Torso_C This heavy coat will protect you from fire and brimstone. Torso slot clothing
Black body armor P_P_Priest_Torso_D This body armor will buttress your faith. Torso slot clothing
Dress suit Pres_Torso Nothing is more presidential than wearing two ties. Torso slot clothing
Padded jacket Ranger_A_Torso_A Protective padding and pockets, so practical! Torso slot clothing
Leather motorcycle jacket Ranger_A_Torso_B Vintage black leather jacket, for the wild one in you. Torso slot clothing
Buckskin jacket Ranger_A_Torso_C Tactical vest over buckskin jacket, for the overprepared mountain man look. Torso slot clothing
Leather coat Ranger_A_Torso_D Be the boss in this brown leather gangster coat! Torso slot clothing
Armored jacket Ranger_A_Torso_E Hard plastic armor will protect you from bullets, and wiping out on your BMX bike. Torso slot clothing
Metal chest armor Ranger_A_Torso_F This chest armor is as intimidating as it is functional. Torso slot clothing
Red body armor Red_Skorpion_Torso_A Red body armor makes it so easy to hide blood stains. Torso slot clothing
Iron shoulder pads Red_Skorpion_Torso_B Vest plus pauldrons combo looks dangerous, is dangerous! Torso slot clothing
Rusted shoulder pads Red_Skorpion_Torso_C Hand rusted body armor, for that authentic wasteland look. Torso slot clothing
Plastic chest plate Topekan_Torso_A This top is made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic. Torso slot clothing
Pontiac chest plate Topekan_Torso_B This chest piece was recycled from a 1993 Pointiac. Torso slot clothing
Circuit board chest plate Topekan_Torso_C Within the circuits of this chest piece is stored the sum of all human knowledge. Torso slot clothing
Uniform jacket Vargas_Torso_A This jacket has medals on it, one says, "Best in Show." Torso slot clothing
Leather tactical vest Vargas_Torso_B Show them how serious you are in this leather jacket and tactical vest combo. Torso slot clothing