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Wasteland 2 Beta
This page has information from the Wasteland 2 Beta and may not be accurate with the commercially available version.

Sell value is usually 30% of cost

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currently uncategorizedEdit

Name Weight Cost Sell Use
Clothing001all clothing?
Ace's Note57523in Ace's grave
Faded Letters.501Letters from Ace to Angela Deth
Log Book Page.101Matthias
"Extra Terrestrial" Game Cartridge.100Give to Quarex in Rail Nomads
Sarah's Locket.552use it on dead body in Damonte water factory for EXP
Apple Core.2258
Curly Pig Tail1144
The Legend of the Red Ryder.202In Jess-Belle's Safe
The Ballad of Bobby & Rex.202
History of the Ag Center, Part 1.202on Dr Patrick Larsen or Matt's safe
History of the Ag Center, Part 2.202on Dr Patrick Larsen or West Field
History of the Ag Center, Part 3.202on Dr Patrick Larsen or in Root Cellar
History of the Ag Center, Part 4.202on Dr Patrick Larsen or East Field
Coffin Nails Cigarettes.1103juvies in HP
Styx Cigarettes.1103
Bones Cigarettes.1103
Red Rooster Cigarettes.1103
Nico-Pops Cigarettes.1103Mission item RNC Holliday store,
Memories of My Time in the Rangers, Part 1.202Shelf in Vargas' office
Memories of My Time in the Rangers, Part 2.202Shelf in Vargas' office
Intelligence Report, Part 1.202Shelf by Thrasher
The History of the Desert Rangers, Part 3.202Shelf by Thrasher
The History of the Desert Rangers, Part 6.202Shelf by Thrasher
Crumpled Post-It Note052Ag Center West field, "PW 72779673"
Garden Journal.202Ag Center West field, Sister Rosebud
Ruined Overalls.552
Turquoise.514042found at RNC
Crystal.5405found at RNC
Empty Bottle.552RNC grave
Wooden Eye.552RNC grave
Pendant.59027RNC grave, makes Scotchmo hostile
Petrified Liver1.052
Old Condom.552RNC grave
Clay Wizard.516048RNC grave
Æthelwolf's Utopia.514544RNC behind meeting hall, bring to Mercaptain
The Story of John Henry, Part 1.202RNC, W in Boxcar 9
The Story of John Henry, Part 2.202Atchison Camp, SW, buried in SE
The Story of John Henry, Part 3.202RNC, buried near boxcar in SW
Snake Squeezins.56081RNC bar, return stale for map unlock
Floppy Disk.152RNC arcade, "skip lower left, avoid fire"
Floppy Disk.152RNC arcade, "select to catch, release"
Floppy Disk.152RNC arcade, "hold reset, game one"
Floppy Disk.152RNC arcade, "hit fifteen, eight times"
Engineer's Note.552RNC, W in Boxcar B, 'Swig, gun, dig'
Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep?.55015RNC, W Boxcar C, bring to Corporal Flintlock Eggleston - Ranger Citadel
Wedding Ring.24213Scotchmo's ring
Serket.552at Honest Jons
Broken Camera1.052at Honest Jons
Neogeo.552at Honest Jons
Sega Genesis2.052at Honest Jons
Farmer's Diary, Part 1.202Prison Valley, South West on body
Farmer's Diary, Part 2.202Prison, Farm, NW
Farmer's Diary, Part 3.202Prison Valley, at Reds
Farmer's Diary, Part 4.202Prison Valley, N gate
Farmer's Diary, Part 5.202Prison, Entrance buried
Anger Management for Angry Managers.202Prison, found on RSM body
Jar of Pickles.200Chisels Jar of Pickles

Primary MissionEdit

Name Weight Cost Sell Use
Metal Leg57523mission item
Repeater Unit652mission item(s)
Radio Controller Circuit.552mission item from Ag Center Destroyed
Radio Antenna.552mission item from Highpool Destroyed
H.R. Log Book.552mission item RNC,
H.R Ranger Star.552mission item RNC,
Ace's Log Book.552Mission item RNC bar Samuel,

Secondary MissionEdit

Name Weight Cost Sell Use
Ace's Ranger Star.2258bring to Corporal Flintlock Eggleston - Ranger Citadel
Log Book Page.101mission item - August 10th
Wrist Rocket131give to juveniles
Marbles.5144give to juveniles
A note to Jess-Belle001bring to Jess-Bell
Note from Alexey001bring to soul mate Laddie
Valve.552use on pipe near Mark Stachowiak
A Small Gray Stone001bring to Alexey
Chew Toy.521bring to Garoof
Ag Center Serum.552Removes pod infection, and use on tank
The Cure for Cancer001at Darwin Village Lab lv2, bring to RC doctor
Display Screen6309mission item (BackerGenache), give to Mannerites at ship
Black List001at Darwin lab lv1
Blasting Caps.111LL Mine
Ag Center Airlock Codes.552get from Rose, W-71484 E-85303
Exploding Pod Fragment.552Ag center, give 10 to Kathy
East Maintenance Keycard.552Ag Center basement N room
West Maintenance Keycard.552Ag Center basement NE room
Fungicide.552in Skinners room, bring to Kathy
Flow Regulator1.5227mission item, AG Center West Fields
Pigeon Shit.211bring to Min Liang Tan
Harry the Bunny Master's Axe1052bring to Corporal Flintlock Eggleston - Ranger Citadel
Radioactive Mushrooms.552mission item, found in RNC NE
Golden Spike.515045mission item, RNC
Power Coupler.152mission item, RNC
Holliday Store Supplies.552mission item, RNC Holliday
CD-i.552mission item, Atchison Camp, Honest Jon, bring to Quarex or bring back to Ranger Citadel for requisition (new laser weapon)
Letter052mission item,from Bowling to Katy in RNC

Toaster ItemsEdit

Name Weight Cost Sell Use
7" Single.25015Ag Center Toaster, bring to Damonta
Blood Staff78425Ag Center Toaster, bring to Corporal Flintlock Eggleston, for real one, see weapon list
Contact Lenses.25015Highpool house Toaster, bring to Doctor Baum in Temple of Titan
Depleted Uranium Titan Toaster, bring to Captain Mercaptain
Dessicated Juniper Berries.510030Prison Toaster, bring to Gorky's Distillery
Doggie Bones Damonta Toaster, bring to Hyaon Darhku at RSM Prison
Faded Photograph.2103Rick's RV Toaster, bring to Deputy Mona Shera in Angel Oracle
Fertilizer Sprayer410030Atchinson Camp Toaster, bring to Honeydew at Ag Center
Medal of Honor.59027Rail Nomad Camp Toaster, bring to Honest Jon
Miniature Leg Lamp57021Highpool underground (end of tunnel) Toaster, bring to Corporal Flintlock Eggleston
Pocket Knife Titan Toaster, bring to Rambeau Gunshop in Hollywood
Preparation G.515045Prison Toaster, bring to DBM Commander
Sky Mall Catalog Silo 7 Toaster, bring to Corporal Flintlock Eggleston
Spray Paint.23511Radio Tower Toaster, bring to Ranger Brass Knucks - Ranger Citadel
Toast.24012Ranger Citadel Toaster, bring to Mr. Manners in Angel Oracle
Wasteland (Item)410030Darwin Toaster, bring to museum at Ranger Citadel


Items labelled in white text.

Name Weight Cost Sell Use
Shovel662Useful for digging
Scorpion Key.552for chest in Highpool underground
Jail Cell Key.252for Vulture's Cry in Highpool
Herbicide Energy weapon
Sheriff's House Key.252
Matt's Office Key.552get from Matt after curing him, and code 80085


Items labelled as junk.

Name Weight Cost Sell Use
8x10 Glossy.2185JUNK
Badger Nutsack2185JUNK
Badger Skin2165JUNK
Badger Tail5206JUNK - Sell to Nurse Flinkman in Angel Oracle
Ball Of Sap28325JUNK
Bass Guitar2288JUNK
Bat Shit.131JUNK -sell at RC
Bent Radar32616JUNK
Bloody Tuft Of Fur3268JUNK
Bottled Pet1288JUNK
Boom Box2196JUNK
Broken Barrel7227JUNK
Broken Optics1268JUNK
Broken Tool1319JUNK
Broken Sunglasses.252JUNK
Cabbage Patch Kid14915JUNK
Can Of Tuna.593JUNK
Chia Pet2288JUNK
Click Clacks14413JUNK
Cloth Patch1196JUNK
Cockroach Antenna13210JUNK
Cockroach Legs3247JUNK
Compact Mirror.293JUNK
Compound Eye24514JUNK
Computer Gaming World #52.5278JUNK 1988 Oct page 54
Controller Chip #13.23811JUNK
Cow Ear2288JUNK
Cow Hide2288JUNK
Cow Shit341JUNK - sell at RC
Cow Udder2288JUNK
Cracked Denchers.2155JUNK
Cracked Syringe.2134JUNK
Crumpled Greenback.2268JUNK
Crushed Can.541JUNK
Crusty Nose Ring.24514JUNK
Curious Pod29228JUNK
Deck of Cards.2206JUNK
Diamond Earring.24514JUNK
Dog Collar.2155JUNK "Rover"
Dog Collar.2155JUNK "Bear"
Dog Collar.2134JUNK "Spot"
Dog Collar.2134JUNK "Chewie"
Dog Collar.2134JUNK "Ben"
Duct Tape2185JUNK
Dud Grenade1237JUNK
Dusty Wine Bottle1.5206JUNK
Empty Hooch Bottle.5206JUNK
Empty Vial.5175JUNK
Faded Floppy Disk.2196JUNK
Faded Pin.5155JUNK
Faded Polaroid.2155JUNK
Fly Legs1144JUNK
Fly Wings1185JUNK
Garoof's collar.23811JUNK
Gila Egg44915JUNK
Gila Meat5227JUNK
Gila Tail382JUNK, Night Terror candy
Glass Eye.2124JUNK
Glass Shards.541JUNK
Gold Tooth.24012JUNK
Graphic Novel2165JUNK
Happy Valley Brochure.2165JUNK
Hard Drive6268JUNK
Human Eyeball.252JUNK, Night Terror candy
Human Hand1.2288JUNK
Human_Heart.8144JUNK, Night Terror candy
Hydraulic Stabilizer2288JUNK
Infected Brain44413JUNK
Infected Heart23912JUNK
Infected Pus Sack1227JUNK
Jacket Sleeve.5258JUNK
Junk Parts (currently Broken Weapon Parts.25227JUNK - from weapons - Sell at RC weapons dealer for better price
Junk Parts.541JUNK - from destroyed
Kama Sutra Book.5227JUNK
Large Ring.585JUNK
Larva Excrement1134JUNK - sell at RC
Lava Lamp2196JUNK
Library Card.2134JUNK
MacGyver Tape2258JUNK
MAD Magazine2288JUNK
Maggot Flesh.5227JUNK
Medicine Pouch1134JUNK, Night Terror candy
Members Only Jacket3124JUNK
Mobile Phone2155JUNK
NeverEnding Story Tape23811JUNK
Nudie Magazine.55015JUNK
Octotron Blade15288JUNK
Old 8-track tape.5278JUNK
Old Vinyl2288JUNK
Pet Rock4247JUNK
Pickle Jar2134JUNK
Pig Shit121JUNK - sell at RC
Pocket Watch2288JUNK
Power Glove2288JUNK
Prosthetic Leg8134JUNK
Rabbit Ears1216JUNK
Rabbit Tail1134JUNK
Railroad Spike1165JUNK
Rosary Beads.2299JUNK
Rubber Toy14012JUNK
Rubik's Cube.5237JUNK
Scorched Snuff Box152JUNK
Singing Bass2288JUNK
Slap Bracelet.282JUNK
Speak & Spell2247JUNK
Spent I.V.282JUNK
Swiss Army Knife23310JUNK
Tattered Pelt33912JUNK, Night Terror candy
Teddy Ruxpin1258JUNK
Tennis Ball293JUNK
Tiger Handheld2278JUNK
Toad Eye18826JUNK, Night Terror candy
Toad Leg6247JUNK
Toad Tongue14112JUNK
Tool Belt23511JUNK
Toy Lightsaber2247JUNK
Tragic Cards2288JUNK
Threshing Clawer Copper Tubes3268JUNK
Threshing Clawer Hydraulic Clyinder63310JUNK
Turret Optics2288JUNK
Turret Targeting Computer25617JUNK
Wanted Poster.2113JUNK - angry red clown
Weathered Toy1237JUNK
Whoopee Cushion2288JUNK
Winchester 20meg hard drive74413JUNK
Wooden Pin.293JUNK
Wolf Paw2237JUNK, Night Terror candy
Wolf Tooth.2124JUNK, Night Terror candy
Worn Glove.5185JUNK
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