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Wasteland 2 mods and utilities[1] are few in number, as the game editor has not yet been released. However, enterprising gamers have bypassed this issue.

Game mods[ | ]

Branch Name Description
Graphics Sweetfx Texture Sharpening mod sharpens ingame textures by applying a sharpening filter; this makes the crappy low-res textures look a bit better and let you see more detail
MOD Free Combat Camera this little hack stops the camera from automatically jerking around during combat
CameraFix disables edge-scrolling when rotating the camera using mouse buttons
So you want to play dress up and really want a gas mask changing the appearance of characters
PORTRAIT MEGAPACK some new Ranger portraits
Gameplay Chance Of Random Encounters mod to increase / decrease the Chance Of Random Encounters
maxWeight and runSpeed mod to increase the maximum tolerable weight and running speed
MOD Reduced Skill-Meter Duration and Crit-Fails, +Runspeed skill-meter and crit-fails re-balance
Wasteland 2 Tiny Toolkit a small set of MODs, which makes life easier for any Ranger; consists of the independent from each other parts
Re-balance A Weapon Re-balance Mod (All ranged weapons & blades) weapon re-balance (rebalanced weapons table working with patch 4)
Wasteland 2 Weapons Overhaul Mods weapons overhaul mod
MOD Alternate armor/energy-weapons system armor re-balance

3rd party software[ | ]

Name Description
Wasteland 2 Online Ranger Creation Toolkit a build planning tool that can be used to create a squad of characters called rangers
Wasteland 2 Online Save Editor allows you to edit the save game xml file
Wasteland 2 Ranger Editor allows you to edit both the save game xml file or the ranger char file
Modding Tool Wasteland2ModInjector tool to replace portion of code from the game
Disunity an experimental command-line toolset for Unity asset and asset bundle files, mostly designed for extraction
Tools Unity Asset Editor (Zip) a plug-in based asset editor, exporter, and importer for modding games created with the Unity Game Engine
Turn .tar.gz archive into a .deb package a script allowing you to turn the .tar.gz archive you just downloaded from GOG.com into a .deb package

References[ | ]