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This page lists all quirks in Wasteland 2: Director's Cut.

List of quirks[ | ]

Name Icon Effect Drawback Description
Animal Husbandry
WL2 Quirk 01
Bonuses from Animal Whispered followers are twice as good ???? (Your pet randomly explodes) You grew up on a farm and learned to tend to the animals there. You showered them with care and compassion, keeping them well-groomed and they brought you much joy in return. Life was good.
WL2 Quirk 02
+5 skill points
+1 Attribute point
Cannot use trinkets You were raised by monks in a small monastic order. Regardless of your current religious beliefs, the lessons learned there through many hard years of prayer and flagellation live on. You are a stronger and better person in body and spirit, but you reject vain worldly possessions that lead down a path of sin.
WL2 Quirk 03
Hard Ass always succeeds Cannot use Kiss Ass or Smart Ass Some say your mama never loved you, but what you don't tell 'em is that you shot her yourself. You're just a plain 'ol asshole and everyone knows it. But that doesn't mean that there aren't some upsides to being a jerk.
Brittle Bones
WL2 Quirk 04
+2 base action points -50% base combat speed You suffer from a rare birth defect that makes walking quickly difficult, but you have learned to make up for this by being especially quick and economical with your actions.
Delayed Gratification
WL2 Quirk 05
+1 skill point per level past level 10 -1 skill point per level before level 11 Good things come to those who wait, your mama always said. You were never the sharpest tool in the shed, but when you take to something, you really take to it.
WL2 Quirk 06
+1 to all Attributes on even-numbered levels -1 to all Attributes on odd-numbered levels For thousands of years, people around the globe have held in superstition that certain numbers are lucky – and others, unlucky. Unfortunately for you, it turns out they were right.
Fainting Goat
WL2 Quirk 07
35% chance to dodge a Critical Hit enemy attack by fainting Fainting pushes the character back in the combat order. Those around you whisper in hushed tones that you were born with the spirit of the mighty mountain goat – or maybe you just wound up with its brain in yer noggin. One way or another, you sure do black out a lot.
Heavy Handed
WL2 Quirk 08
+15% base damage on all close combat attacks -50% base critical chance Subtlety ain't something anyone's ascribed to you before. Your arms are like tree trunks with concrete blocks on the ends, and just about as graceful.
Manic Depressive
WL2 Quirk 09
Attributes change randomly by +2/-2 every 10-15 minutes. Mania and melancholy are two sides of the same coin, and you have known it all your life. You are subject to intense mood changes, and those around you say you're almost like a different person each time they see you.
WL2 Quirk 10
+25% healing item effectiveness Cannot use healing items on self Ever since you got measles as a child, you've been obsessed with keeping healthy. You've researched every single cure under the sun to make sure you can fight off the endless advance of disease, and keep yourself meticulously clean. You see dirt, grime, and germs everywhere you look, especially on other people. That means you're more effective at using healing items, but you're also so paranoid about others infecting you that you refuse to squander any treating your own injuries.
WL2 Quirk 11
+50% damage against targets with less than 30% health remaining -25% damage against targets with 30% or more health remaining. It takes a certain ethical flexibility to take advantage of others, and it's a flexibility you possess. Your predatory nature means that you kick your enemies just a bit harder when they're down. However, you're also equally timid and fearful of harm coming to you, and as a result, you do less damage to those that are healthy.
WL2 Quirk 12
+4% bonus Chance to Hit and +2% bonus Critical Chance per successful attack, misses reset the counter -10% base Chance to Hit
-5% base Critical Chance
When you were three, you pulled the heads off your dolls. When you were five, you burned ants with your magnifying glass. When you were twelve, you set Tommy's hair on fire. Watching others suffer is your only source of amusement, and now your mercilessness has led you to sign up for the Rangers. Justice? For you it's all about fun. Your violent tendencies mean that you need to hurt things, and frequently. When you're on that murderous high, you attack more frequently. However, your brooding nature means you're less effective when you aren't psychotic.
Raised in the Circus
WL2 Quirk 13
+5% Evasion No leadership bonuses can be received Your mom had a beard and your dad could hammer nails through his kneecaps. Life in the circus let you pick up all sorts of weird and wonderful tricks from your fellow performers and freaks. Your upbringing means you have improved reflexes, but due to your unmistakable carny demeanor, you gain no Leadership bonus from friendly squad members.
Repressed Rage
WL2 Quirk 14
Double damage and +25% Critical Chance for 1 turn after receiving a critical hit Cannot deal normal Critical Hits You were never the most outgoing person. Some would call you meek, others, timid. You have a habit of letting others walk over you, and rarely seek confrontation. But sometimes, all that anger inside just builds up, and like a powder keg, you go off. You are a slave to your rage. Any time you receive a Critical Hit in combat, during the next turn you unleash your fury. However, your meek attitude means you keep it bottled away the rest of the time.
WL2 Quirk 15
+2 base armor -30% base Combat Speed All the boys 'n girls in the playground used to pick on you. They called you stinky, fatty, ugly, and beat you up until you were bruised and sore. But the more you took it, the more you learned to shrug it off. Sticks and stones won't break your bones. Years of physical abuse have left you thick-skinned and you can shrug off attacks more easily, but you're heavier and more sluggish, and as a result, you move slower.
WL2 Quirk 16
+20% base Combat Speed -10% base Chance to Hit You can never seem to sit still. Even at your calmest times, you're always twitching, jumping at things and anxiously drumming your fingers or stamping your feet. Your twitchiness means you move faster in combat, but you also lose some finer motor control as a result, making it harder for you to land your attacks.
Two-Pump Chump
WL2 Quirk 17
+2 Action Points and +25% Chance to Hit for the first 2 combat turns -1 Action Points and -15% Chance to Hit for each turn after the first 2 combat turns If nice folks finish last, then you finish first every time.
WL2 Quirk 18
Chance for a lightning to strike and shock a random target in combat You've always felt like you've had a thundercloud following you. Perhaps it's the darkness that seems to shadow you. Perhaps it's all those times things just don't go your way. Perhaps it's that others around you seem to burst into a shower of spark and flame without warning. Due to your unlucky nature, in combat, there's a tiny chance each turn that a bolt of lightning will scream down from the heavens and shock a random target – friend or foe.
Way of the Squeezins
WL2 Quirk 19
+2 Action Points and +25% Damage when drunk on Snake Squeezins -100% Critical Chance and -0.6 Combat Speed when sober By the venom of the snake we are born, and by the venom of the snake we shall die. You are utterly dependent on Snake Squeezins for everything – heck, you can barely get out of bed without a taste of that sweet, sweet nectar. But those few minutes on top of the world are worth it... Maybe.

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