Title Use Location Weight Cost Sell
1967 Chevy Impala Repair Manual +1 Mechanical Repair Leve L'Upe Mine: give Flame of Deluge Canticle (from Temple of Titan toaster after Canyon of Titan conclusion) to Isaac Liebowitz. .5 0 0
68W Advanced Individual Training Manual +1 Field Medic Temple of Titan: give Contact Lenses (from Highpool toaster) to Dr. Baum. .5 0 0
A Brief History of Time +1 Smart Ass Cerritos: receive as reward from the old woman for retrieving her cows from Children of the Citadel. .5 0 0
Anarchist's Cookbook +1 Weaponsmithing Long Beach: give Sanford and Sons VHS (from Los Alamitos toaster) to merchant. .5 0 0
Animal Husbandry for Dummies +1 Animal Whisperer Prison: give Doggie Bones (from Damonta toaster) to Hyaon Darhku [peaceful resolution only]. .5 0 0
Dawn for the Midnight Bomber +1 Demolitions Rail Nomads Camp: find in the library. .5 0 0
Escape Artistry for Assholes +1 Lockpicking Hollywood: receive as reward from Raji for freeing Josie from the sewers. .5 0 0
Fix It! +1 Toaster Repair Ranger Citadel: find on a bookshelf in museum. .5 0 0
Getting People to Fall in Line by Richard Simmons +1 Leadership Angel Oracle: kill Tori Robbinson for Mr. Manners. .5 0 0
Grey's Anatomy +1 Surgeon Ranger Citadel: give cure for cancer (from Darwin Village) to Sgt. Dr. Erik Tidemann in the clinic. .5 0 0
Killing for Morons +10 Combat Shooting The Bastion bookcase.5 0 0
Kumite: A History +1 Brawling Ranger Citadel (outside): give Spray Paint (from Radio Tower toaster) to Ranger Brass Knucks. .5 0 0
Modern Security Systems and How to Ignore Them +1 Alarm Disarm Damonta: clear Silent Spring building for Clyde. .5 0 0
Neural Net Processor Manual +1 Computer Science Temple of Titan: choose dialogue choice "Techniques" (Smart Ass level 5 required) with Dr. Sidney Kyle in hospital. .5 0 0
Pup Scout Funtime Camping Guide +1 Outdoorsman Ag Center: find in the kitchen in the Central Complex (only if you save Ag Center rather than Highpool). .5 0 0
R. Lee Ermey: a Yelling Man's Man +1 Hard Ass Baldwin Hills: kill the fake Rangers (Children of the Citadel). .5 0 0
Refrigerator Perry: the Biography +1 Brute Force Rodia: give Baby Ruth (from Angel Oracle toaster) to O'Biggun. .5 0 0
Southwestern Folklore +10 Southwestern Folklore Ranger Citadel (outside): type in password from Ranger Reward Center in conversation with Cpl. Solveig Sefors (Kickstarter backers only). .5 0 0
The 8 Rituals of Very Impactful People +1 Barter Rodia: give Glass Gecko Bong (from Hollywood toaster) to Mr Gekko. .5 0 0
The Mystery of Al Capone's Vault +1 Safecracking Rodia: find in the bank vault. .5 0 0
The Richard Grieco Story +1 Kiss Ass Rail Nomads Camp: receive as reward for retrieving Holliday's shipment crate from the Rail Thieves. .5 0 0
V for Vendetta +1 Perception Angel Oracle: give Hair and Shoulders Shampoo (from Rodia toaster) to Arjuna Rabindranath. .5 0 0
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