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For status effects in Wasteland 3, see Wasteland 3 status effects.
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At any time a Ranger's performance can be influenced by a variety of Status effects,[1][2][3] which either act as buffs or debuffs: in other words, they give an increase or decrease to specific attributes or skills, or sometimes cause a Ranger to lose CON over time.

List of status effects[]


Type Name Effect Duration Origin
Altered Mind -1 Intelligence, +2 Action Points 600s Poppy Syrup
Baby Ruth +1 Blunt Weapons, +1 Brute Force, +1 Coordination 60s Baby Ruth
Banana pudding +1 CON every 10 seconds, +3 Action Points 300s Banana Pudding
Calcification +1 Brute Force, +1 Hard Ass 500s Milk
Chasing the Scorpion +2 Strength, -2 Awareness 500s Roasted Scorpions
Cock of the walk +2 Awareness, +2 Charisma, +2 Coordination, +2 Intelligence, +2 Luck, +2 Speed,
+2 Strength, +2 Action points, +10 Chance to Evade, +4 Damage, +0.1 Combat Speed
240s Sriracha
Egg +1 Action Points, +1% Chance to Hit 10s Hard Boiled Egg
Electrolytic Infusion +20% Chance to Evade, +1 Action Points 600s Highpool Energy Water
Honeydew melon +1 Charisma, +2 Action Points 120s Honeydew melons
Jalapeno hurry +3 Speed 720s Sliced Jalapeno
Mystery meat +5 CON every 10 seconds, +2 Luck 75s Mystery Meat
Pickled health +3 CON every 30 seconds, +2 Awareness 500s Pickled Daikon and Carrots
Pleasant Buzz +1 Luck, -1 Awareness, +1 Perception 500s Pot Cookies
Special squeezins +2 Luck, -2 Coordination 200s Special Squeezins
Tipsy +3 Strength, -2 Speed, -2 Intelligence 300s Beer
Snake Squeezins
Special Mending +1 CON every 10 seconds - On losing consciousness
Vivification +5 Constitution 1800s Ag center serum


Effects Type Name Effect Duration Origin Removal
Arm wound decreases all Combat Skills
Bleeding out causes a steady loss of CON if the character is unconscious
Blood Loss -5 base CON 300s Cannot be removed
Brain Damage -2 Awareness, -2 Charisma, -2 Coordination, -2 Luck, -2 Intelligence, -2 Speed, -2 Strength 400s On recovering consciousness after coming close to death Cannot be removed
Broken bone decreases Coordination
Confusion -2 Awareness, -2 Intelligence 300s On recovering consciousness Cannot be removed
Discobot Scan Increases enemy Chance to Hit - Discobot
Diseased -3 Strength, -3 Speed, -3 Coordination 420s Cockroach
Drippy Dragon -3 Intelligence, -1 Charisma 500s Using Pam's 'services'
Eye wound decreases Awareness, Perception and attack range
Head wound decreases Intelligence
Hand wound decreases effectiveness at manual actions (Alarm Disarming, Field Medic, Lockpicking, Safecracking and reloading).
Injured Leg -4 Speed - Waste wolf
Nuke Pooch
Leg wound -2 Speed Feral dog,
Waste wolf
Nauseous -3 Action Points 300s On recovering consciousness Cannot be removed
Poisoned -10% of max CON every 10 seconds 40s Gila Monitor Antivenom
Shock -1 Awareness, -1 Charisma, -1 Coordination, -1 Intelligence, -1 Speed, -1 Strength 400s On recovering consciousness Cannot be removed
Slurred speech -2 Charisma, -2 Hard Ass, -2 Smart Ass, -2 Kiss Ass 300s On recovering consciousness Cannot be removed
Slicer Dicer energy field -4 Coordination - Slicer Dicer
Stiffness -1 Coordination, -1 Speed 300s On recovering consciousness Cannot be removed
Stunned -3 Speed, -3 Awareness 300s Thresher Clawer
Stunned -2 Awareness, -5 Action points - Pig Expires on the characters next turn
Worm Disease -3 Coordination, -3 Awareness 500s Drinking from the well in the crater located in Rodia
Special Fractured fibula -4 Brute Force 300s Critical fail using Brute Force
Plague -2 Intelligence, -4 Charisma 10800s Darwin lab, first door Antibiotics
Turn on ventilation system in lab
Pod infection Turns into Acute pod infection at end of timer 14400s Exploding pod, Pod person Ag center serum
Radiation -10 CON every 5 seconds 10s Radiation fields in Los Alamitos
Tetanus decreases Charisma and Coordination Critical fail using Mechanical Repair
Tortured tootsies -2 Brute Force, -1.0 Combat Speed 300s Critical fail using Brute Force
Zap! -1 Awareness, -4 Alarm Disarm 300s Critical fail using Alarm Disarm
Weapons All Tied Up -3.0 combat speed, -10% chance to evade, -5% Chance to Hit, -3 Combat Initiative 40s The Lariat
Bleeding wound -6% of max CON every 10 seconds 120s Beer Knuckles
Hoblet's Problem Solver
Honey Badger
Honeydew's rifle
This is a Knife

The Blood Staff

Blocked -1 Action points 40s The Notch
Bombs Bursted in Air -2 CON every 12 seconds, -3 Armor 60s Rauhman Candle
Burn -1 CON every 10 seconds 300s Charged round sniper rifle
Environmental fire
Concussion -1 Awareness - Lexcanium's bionic arm Surgeon
NPC Doctor
Eye Put Out -30% Chance to hit 10s Red Ryder BB Gun
Face/Off -2 Combat initiative, -20% Chance to Hit 60s The Face Ripper
Junkie Fever -2 Action points 300s Syringe
Laser Burn -20 CON every 6 seconds 12s Xenon Cannon
On Fire -3 CON every 6 seconds, -5% Evasion 18s Infernator
Opened Up -1 CON every 6 seconds - Shu-Model Ranger combat knife
Toxx claws
Wegman Aether Corrupter
Suture kit
Radiation Sickness -4 CON every 30 seconds, -3 Intelligence, +4 Strength 300s Dirty Grenade
Rocket's Red Glare -45% Evasion, -45% Chance to Hit 60s Rauhman Candle
Shamed -10% Chance to Hit 10s Spike Bat of Shame
Vomiting -3 Combat Initiative, -2m Optimal Range 60s Upchucker