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Wasteland 2 toaster items[1] refers to a category of items found in broken toasters throughout the Wasteland 2. Though seemingly useless, they are, in fact, potentially very useful when the right recipient gets them.

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For toaster items in other Wasteland games, see Toaster items.

List[ | ]

Arizona[ | ]

Location Toaster placement Contents Purpose
Abandoned railway Near the Slicerdicers Random items of clothing To annoy you that you just fought a major Boss Battle and you get nothing.
Agricultural center (not there if Highpool saved) In the kitchen 7'' single Can be traded with Werewolf Wally for $150 or a turntable
In the Central Basement pump room. Fake Blood Staff Can be exchanged with Flintlock Eggleston for the real bloodstaff
Canyon of Titan Raider outpost in the north-east corner of the map. Pocket knife Can be traded to Rambeau in Hollywood for a unique bladed weapon.
Damonta In the Mexican/Vietnamese restaurant Doggie Bones Can be traded with Hyaon Darhku at the Prison for Animal Husbandry For Dummies (+1 Animal Whisperer)
Highpool Jess-Belle's home Contact lenses Can be traded with Dr Baum at the Temple of Titan for 68W Advanced Individual Training Manual (+1 Field Medic)
Sewers Miniature leg lamp Can be traded to Flintlock Eggleston for the Red Ryder BB Gun.
Prison In the valley Dessicated juniper berries Can be traded at Gorkinovich's distillery for unique consumables.
Near the prison walls Preparation G Can be traded to Cliff Sadler in the Canyon of Titan after learning of his hemorrhoids for a unique sniper rifle.
Radio tower In the cave near the cat statue Spray paint Can be traded to Brass Knucks at the Ranger Citadel for Kumite: A History (+1 Brawling)
Rail Nomads camp Graveyard toaster Medal of Honor Unlocks safe in Darwin
Atchison camp Fertilizer sprayer Can be traded to Honeydew at the agricultural center for Honeydew melons.
Ranger Citadel In the museum Toast Can be traded to Mr. Manners at the Angel Oracle for 500 Scrap.
Rick's RV Near the RV itself Faded photograph Can be traded to Deputy Mona Shera at Angel Oracle for a Neutron projector.
Silo 7 In the Sierra Madre plane AirMall catalog Can be traded to Flintlock Eggleston for experience or scrap.
Temple of Titan Inside the silo facility Depleted uranium Can be traded to Ethil Mercaptain for a new requisition and the Gamma ray blaster.
After resolving the Titan quest arc, near the exit The Flame Deluge Canticle Can be traded to Isaac Leibowitz at Leve L'upe mine for 1967 Chevy Impala Repair Manual (+1 Mechanical Repair).

California[ | ]

Location Toaster placement Contents Purpose
Angel Oracle On a car, near the feral pigs, behind Guard Darla. Baby Ruth Can be traded with O'Biggun for Refrigerator Perry: The Biography (+1 Brute Force)
Tunnels Baby wipes Can be traded at Seal Beach for 500 scrap.
Baldwin Hills North end of town. 761 Metro bus schedule Can be traded with Sister Maggie in Griffith for a trinket.
Griffith Park Outside Bastion front wall, along northern side. Galileo's telescope Can be traded to the dealer at Salt Lake Park for a unique SMG.
Hollywood Inside George and Martha's shop. Glass gecko bong Can be traded to Mr. Gekko in Rodia for The 8 Rituals of Very Impactful People (+1 Barter)
Behind Casino, under swing set structure. Walk of Fame star Can be used to patch the hole in a fence in Rodia.
La Cienega West side of town, in bus stand. A.D. Wealthy Battlemonster Bomber Bassguitar Can be traded to Raji in Hollywood for a unique Trinket, the Anarchy patch.
Long Beach Northwest side of town, near burning barrel and mailbox. Dog whistle Can be traded to the guy at Los Alamitos for consumables.
Los Alamitos Northeast corner of map, near Jake. Sanford & Sons VHS Can be traded with the merchant at Long Beach for Anarchist's Cookbook (+1 Weaponsmithing).
Los Angeles Aqueduct Near Mannerite group Toaster heating element Can be traded to Sam "The Cook" Posten at Angel Oracle for five unique consumables.
Los Feliz Inside, on bar top. House of Pies menu Can be traded to the Hollywood gravedigger for a unique shovel.
New Citadel Underground, Center chamber, SW corner behind pipes DAT tape Can be traded to Ethil Mercaptain in the endgame for a computer-assisted choke, barrel stabilizer, stabilization, and targeting.
Playa del Rey Top of watch tower Gloves Can be traded with Ethan White at Angel Oracle for 3 bottles of milk.
Rodia Inside radio tower compound, NE Building. Hair and Shoulders Can be traded to Arjuna Rabindranath at Angel Oracle for V for Vendetta (+1 Perception).
Behind the bar Big black item Can be traded to Master Sergeant in Hollywood for a unique blunt weapon.
Santa Monica Southeast side of town, behind farm patch. Pooka shell necklace Usable trinket, can be shown to Martha and George in Hollywood to receive unique consumables.

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