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This page covers achievements in Wasteland 3.

List[ | ]

Image Name Description Notes
The New Law You established a new Ranger HQ in Colorado. Reach Peterson Air Force Base
No-Show You never made it to Colorado Springs. Die at the ambush site
On Your Own Your commanding officer was killed in action. It's your mission now. Collect Ranger orders from Maj. Vera Prasad at the ambush site
Morningstar You answered Morningstar's call and gave him a new home. Complete Call to Action and obtain Morningstar AI module.
Bunker Buster You set off Morningstar's self-destruct mechanism. Fail Call to Action.
Won One for the Gipper You overwrote Valor Buchanan's mind with God-President Reagan.
Stolen Valor You arrested Valor Buchanan.
Valor's End You killed Valor Buchanan.
Victory Over Victory You killed Victory Buchanan.
Caged Psycho You arrested Victory Buchanan.
Give Me Liberty You killed Liberty Buchanan.
Un-Lib-erated You arrested Liberty Buchanan.
New Colorado Order You deposed the Patriarch and liberated Colorado from his rule.
Dead Red You defeated Angela Deth and stopped a coup.
November Reigns Team November and the Rangers have taken over Colorado.
Rookie You beat the game on the easiest difficulty. Self explanatory
Wastelander You beat the game on the normal difficulty.
Ranger You beat the game on the hard difficulty.
Supreme Jerk You beat the game on the hardest difficulty.
Fixer Upper You found the Kodiak.
Hoon Hero You dealt with Erastus Dorsey before he could harm the Hoon family. Complete Heads or Tails by saving the Hoons.
The Needs of the Many You saved the shipment of power armor from the Scar Collectors. Complete Heads or Tails by saving the Arapaho caravan.
No Time For Distractions You allowed the Hoons to be murdered and the power armor to be stolen. Fail Heads or Tails by not saving either.
The Marshal Darius Kwon has offered to join your party. Recruit him at Peterson Air Force Base at the start of the game.
The Gunslinger Lucia Wesson has offered to join your party. Recruit her at Downtown Colorado Springs.
The Warlord Ironclad Cordite has offered to join your party. Recruit him at the Old Survivalist Bunker.
The Psychopath Victory Buchanan has offered to join your party. Recruit him at Aspen.
The Scientist Pizepi Joren has offered to join your party.
The Hobo Scotchmo has offered to join your party. Recruit him at Peterson Air Force Base.
The Hard-Head Fish-Lips has offered to join your party. Recruit him at Union Station.
Book Learnin' You found every lore book in the game. See Wasteland 3 lore books for details.
Heads Up! You threw a snowball at an NPC or party member. Collect a snowball from a pile and use it on any character.
Tricked Out You obtained all vehicle upgrades. See Kodiak upgrades for details.
Mastery You reached level 25. Self-explanatory.
Oops You accidentally downed one of your own squad members.
Boomstick You killed 4 enemies at once with a single shotgun attack.
Wasteland Reaper You killed every living person in Downtown Colorado Springs.
Fire it Up You killed an enemy with fire damage.
Gooification You liquefied an enemy with energy damage.
Cold Reception You shattered a frozen enemy.
Badda Bing You blew up 6 enemies with a single explosive attack.
Mod Master You installed 4 weapon mods on a single weapon.
Body Builder You got modded
I, Human You convinced the Machine Commune that humans can be trusted.
Everyone Lives You saved all the hostages in Aspen.
Pre-Apocalyptic Tourist You sat through Quarex' entire museum tour.
Quid Agit?! You found the Provost. Found at the Warrens beneath The Bizarre.
Illuminati You uncovered the darkest of conspiracies. See The Provost for details.
Bawk! You assembled Poultron. See Cyborg Chicken for locations; they need to be brought to the coop at Peterson Air Force Base.
Toaster Expert You truly earned your toaster repair diploma.
A New Home You unlocked all the major room upgrades to Ranger HQ. Complete Full House.
Expedition You discovered every location on the World Map.
Back in the Sack You collected all STDs in the Wasteland.
What's In This Thing? You ate a Clown Burger.
Double the Fun You brought Billy and Jean all the way to the end of the game. Complete Heads or Tails by saving the Hoons, then recruit Billy and Jean and keep them alive.
Menagerie You tamed at least one of every type of animal companion.
My Pretties You amassed a collection that would terrify a toy shop owner. Find all Wasteland 3 creepy dolls.
Roadkill You give hit-and-run a new meaning.
Chop Shop Champ You upgraded your vehicle to the highest level.
Scorpitron Slayer You took down a Scorpitron
Answering Machine You found all the cassette tapes left around Colorado.
Restraint You resisted temptation and never opened the Mysterious Case. Collect the mysterious case from Satoshi and hand it over to him during the endgame.