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Wasteland 3 cassette tapes are a type of a collectible that unlocks additional entries in the Archive menu while playing. They are little vignettes meant to give a deeper look at the world of Wasteland. *Patch 1.3.0: Achievement should be fixed. They reduced the number of cassette tapes required to 51 from 54.

List[ | ]

Tape Area Location
Good Luck Ambush Site Near Jodie Bell.
Soldier's Note Colorado Springs Peterson Air Force Base: Inside the barracks.
The Automated Chauffeur Peterson Air Force Base: Inside the garage.
An Interrogation
  • Downtown Colorado Springs: Marshals' Station. Inside a container in the locked room.
  • Downtown Colorado Springs (Duplicate tape): Located in the large chest inside the small building next to the Broadmoor Heights entrance (where the guard stops you if you try to lockpick the door). Shoot the door to destroy it to get inside.
New Tour Introduction, version 1 Downtown Colorado Springs: In the museum office (requires fixing the generator).
Bellamy Test No. 110 Garden of the Gods
Percival Wesson Recording Broadmoor Heights: Wesson Estate. In the family's safe (Lockpicking 6).
Robots and Rangers for Real Broadmoor Heights: Buried in the snow northwest of the Patriarch statue.

Sans Luxe Apartments: In Wong's container, in the room just by the entrance.

Joker's Wild Little Vegas: In Joker's room, in the junk pile.
Workout Tape Little Vegas: In King's room, inside the locker.
PRIVATE DO NOT PLAY Machine Shop: In MacTavish's lockers.
Brygo Radio Call Recording Little Vegas: Looted from Faran Brygo's corpse. (MISSABLE if you choose to arrest him!)
The Gangster's Guide to Diction Little Vegas: In the backrooms, inside a locker.
Recording from Alastair Hoon Hoon Homestead In the container inside the house. (MISSABLE! Available only after saving the Hoon Homestead in the Heads or Tails mission).
Strike Back Pirate Radio with Brad Conway Arapaho Caravan In the underground basement.
Bizarre Under Assault The Bizarre Exterior: In the container, in the corner near The Bizarre entrance.
Quotes of Manners Exterior: Container near Ananda Rabindranath (by the hopefuls' building)
Children of the Cabbage Exterior: In the northeastern greenhouse.
Original Inhabitants Warrens: Located in the container directly south of the prison block, near the frost worm.
Payasos Mission Warrens: In the container under the eastern wall in the prison block.
Noodles Ad Interior: In the small chest by the kitchen.
Quarex Tape Interior: In Quarex's museum, in the container.
Kidnappers in Trouble Gett Family Homestead On the body lying closest to the front doors of the locked building (Lockpicking 7 or 'Gett' Homestead Key)
The Wolf's Mask Monster Army Bunker In the container, north of the control room.
Reagan Vehicle Development Union Station Hidden Bunker: In the locker, behind the vault door leading to Morningstar.
You Won't Believe Your Eyes!! Radio Beacon: In the rubbish pile next to the computer.
A New Well Denver Ruins The room under the Statue of Reagan: In the container.
Serious Argument With Satisfactory Resolution Machine Commune: In the rubbish pile in front of the plane next to Greet-O.
A Proposal Machine Commune: In the container near Vivisecto.
Pico's Playtesting Machine Commune: In the frozen container outside the door leading from the Pico's place (Melt it down with flamethrowers).
Book of Bonzo Western White House: In the eastern container next to the beds.
SysAdmin Logs Western White House: Behind the locked door, in the hidden pile under the Subsystem II computer.
Mourning the Music Denver Blast Crater: In the frozen container. (Melt it down with flamethrowers).
What Comes After? West Ruins: In the eastern hidden rubbish pile.
What Came Before? East Ruins: In the northeastern hidden rubbish pile.
Reliance's Manifesto Sacred Server Room: In the container next to Valor Buchanan.
Aspen Radio Ad 2 Aspen Starting location. In the northeastern hidden junk pile.
Aspen Radio Ad 1 Welcome Lodge. Inside the locked locker in the most southern room of the western wing.
Opie Survives Welcome Lodge. In the locked safe next to Opie.
Marriage counseling Little Hell: Guest Suites. Inside a container in the room with two undermined hostages.
Aspen is under Attack Little Hell: Basement. In the first container.
Vic & Breathers Little Hell: Patriarch's Suite. Inside a container in the small room after dealing with Vic Buchanan.
Marie Soto Lecture Department of Energy Site Garage: Inside a locker.
Godfisher Kiting Ritual Yuma County Speedway Looted from a corpse in the southeastern area of the map, where the Bisons and Slaves are.
Yuma County Speedway Race Demolition Derby Arena: Inside the northern locked truck (Lockpicking 8).
Risky Briskett's Recipe Godfisher Windfarm: Meat Clown. Inside a container behind the unlocked door next to the toaster.
Alaska Surprise Jingle Godfisher Windfarm: Alaska Surprise. Buried in a hidden snowpile next to the Ice Cream Truck.
Windfarm Engineering Report Godfisher Windfarm: Bone Pit. Found on a corpse where the worms are.
Cosmonaut Logs Scar Collector Mine: Living Habitat. Inside a locked safe (Nerd Stuff 10).
Demolition Derby Gang Compound: Inside a large container next to Percival Wesson.