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Wasteland 3 introduced cooperative play into the game. Players will be able to create pairs of Rangers to explore the treacherous Colorado together. They can also choose to use an existing background.

Available backgrounds[]

  • Punk Lovers: Thrills, kills, and spills are the life-breath of this hardcore punk rock duo. Star-crossed lovers in God's Militia, they defied their creeper Sergeant, religious upbringing, and the Almighty by refusing to service him. Fleeing to AZ ahead of certain death at the hands of a Militia hit squad, they joined the Rangers and put all their training from the Militia to good use.
  • Young Rangers: Lovers and rivals since first joining the Rangers, Yuri and Spence drive each other in unending competition to excellence and danger. Through thick and thin they've kept each other alive as everyone died around them. Constant tragedy strengthened their bond, but the competition and snappy jabs never end, leading to a love/hate relationship that can switch gears in seconds.
  • Father & Daughter: William hasn't been the same since synths killed his wife. In fact, he hardly talks anymore, and Li-Tsing has to watch out for him. It's a full time job, but she's resigned to it. He was a good dad before mom died, and she's hoping he'll return to normal after a while. William gives short, curt answers to everything, which Li-Tsing then explains.
  • Mentor & Student: Mercenaries who have served as guards, bounty hunters, and soldiers, they bonded while both serving in the Diamondback Militia. After they refused to kill an innocent family that wouldn't give up their farm, they went AWOL and offered their services to the Rangers, vowing never to work as mercs again. They're happy to be working for folks that don't make them do terrible things.
  • Tech Heads: Science geeks who met and fell in love as interns at the Ag Center research facilities, learning biochemistry from Kathy Lawsen and Rose and mechanical engineering from Matt Forrestal. During the pod infection outbreak they barely escaped with their lives. Hoping to use their skills to help rebuild Arizona, they volunteered for the Desert Rangers. Born socially awkward with outsiders, they are chatty and loving with each other, reveling in in-jokes only they get.