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This year’s updates so far have included Permadeath, Difficult Skill Checks, new difficulty modes, new cosmetic options, and a host of quality-of-life changes and game improvements—but we’re not stopping there. With Patch 1.4.0 releasing in the next few weeks, your Rangers will soon be able to finally put much more of what they find across frozen Colorado to new use, and forge items that are oftentimes helpful, sometimes exotic, and occasionally, just batshit insane.
WL3 Skill Icon Crafting

Crafting is an additional mechanic introduced to the game in Patch 1.4.0, allowing the Colorado Rangers to manufacture supplies and experimental weapons using the raw components and junk found out in Colorado.

Overview[ | ]

Accessible at any point in the journey, crafting allows your Rangers to manufacture everything from basic supplies and ammunition to experimental, strange weapons and modifications for your squads. There is no crafting skill in the game. Instead, your individual skill levels will unlock different recipes for manufacture.

For example, increasing First Aid will gradually unlock additional healing items for crafting, while Explosives will open up new varieties of explosives. At level 10, you'll be able to manufacture rockets to supply your heavy weapons specialist with a steady supply of these high-end damage dealers.

Recipes can also be purchased straight from vendors or looted from containers. Vendors will usually only carry the basic recipes unlocked by leveling up skills. The more exotic and high-level recipes are only found out in the wild.

Finally, if you find an unique piece of junk that could be used in an unique recipe, the recipe will be automatically unlocked: You'll have to gather the rest of the ingredients, and will only understand what sort of monstrosity you will unleash on the wasteland once you manufacture it.

Lists[ | ]

Components[ | ]

  • Scrap: Scrap is love, scrap is life, scrap is the stuff of creation for the purposes of Wasteland 3 crafting.
Dedicated crafting components

Junk used for crafting[ | ]

Recipes[ | ]

Craftable components
Joke items

Raw list[ | ]

Main: Wasteland 3 crafting/raw

Inventions[ | ]