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Creepy dolls are a Wasteland 3 collectible, offering minor boosts to stats.


Name Effects Location
Radical Rachel Explosive Damage +5% Peterson Air Force Base: In the container in the corner of the archive, left from the doorway.
Fuckin' Fred Damage to humans +5% Old Survivalist Bunker: Inside the hospital, in a chest.
Hearty Henry Healing Factor +10% Aspen: Inside a container in the bunker.
Maneater Maury CON +15 Bizarre: In the parking garage in the Bizarre Exterior. Inside a duffel bag near the long bridge.
Hyper Heather Initiative +5 Yuma County Speedway: Locked in a crate inside the gang compound.
Keen Karen Perception +1 Garden of the Gods: In the side passage with wolves. Buried near the snow pile hidden path.
Patient Pierce Penetration +1 Monster Army Bunker: In the screening room, by the stage.
Nervous Nancy Detection Time +0.5 s Department of Energy Site: In the break room.
Zen Zoey Hit Chance +2% "Snowed Inn" Resort: Outside in a container.
Ferocious Francesca Melee Damage +5% Little Hell: Inside the guest suites.
Electric Emmett Energy Damage +5% Machine Commune: Buried in the snow near the eastern catwalks.
Angry Aaron Crit Resistance +5 Godfisher windfarm: Inside an armor crate at the upper plateau. Mind the mines.
Quick Quaid Sneak Attack Damage +5% Knox Bison Ranch: On the dead body in the northwest, among the hoppers.
Purist Patty Damage to Mutants +5% Abandoned Oil Well: In scrap pile, after attempting to attack a Juvvie
Cruel Corey Damage to animals +5% Denver Ruins: In a chest at the Western White House.