Wasteland 3 offers four distinct difficulty levels, each with their own difficulty modifiers.

Difficulty Enemy health Damage received Permanent death Friendly fire Iron mode Hide skill req. Turns to incapacitate
Icon Difficulty Rookie.png Rookie
For players more interested in the story than combat, a less lethal sub-zero hellscape
-50% -70% No No No No 4
Icon Difficulty Wastelander.png Wastelander
For new and returning players who want to experience the wastes as intended, a harsh but fair apocalypse.
Standard Standard No No No No 3
Icon Difficulty Ranger.png Ranger
For veteran strategy game players seeking a challenge, a cruel and unforgiving world.
+35% +50% No Yes No No 2
Icon Difficulty SupremeJerk.png Supreme Jerk
For the hardest of the hard, a soul-killing nightmare of brutality. Not even remotely fair.
+100% 100% No Yes No Yes 1
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WL2 Ranger concept.jpeg
It's the Hispanic Heritage Month at FANDOM! It's worth noting that Wasteland, 33 years ago, was one of the first games to allow players to create Hispanic characters with the nationality selection. What's more, the starting Hispanic character, Snake Vargas, eventually became one of the most important movers and shakers of the Arizona wasteland, saving the world twice over as a Desert Ranger! If you're interested in learning more about Hispanic heritage and how it's featured in modern entertainment, join the official Fandom HHM Discord server!