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In Wasteland 3, the wastelands of post-apocalyptic Colorado are full of factions vying for control over the territory. The Rangers' standing with some of the factions, mostly non-hostile ones, is graded on a five step scale: Hated, Disliked, Neutral, Liked, and Loved. See Reputation for details.

List of factions[ | ]

Colorado Springs[ | ]

  • Patriarch's Marshals: Led by Sheriff Daisy, the Marshals enforce the Patriarch's laws in Colorado Springs and - when necessary - beyond. They're a paramilitary force, similar to police, but a little rougher around the edges.
  • The Hundred Families: The leading citizens of Colorado Springs, descended from the survivalist families who founded the Patriarch's nation. Most are dedicated to rebuilding America as it was before the bombs.
  • Wastelander Refugees: Desperate, hardscrabble people from the periphery of the Patriarch's nation. As gangs and other dangers encroach from outside, many refugees have fled to Colorado Springs and other fortified towns.
  • The Brygo Syndicate: Faran Brygo's criminal organization after he re-established himself in Colorado, which he runs from his nightclub called Little Vegas, in Colorado Springs.

Denver[ | ]

  • The Gippers: A heavily-armed cult devoted to their "god-president," Ronald Reagan. Some may call them crazy, but since they produce and refine all the oil in Colorado, everybody's got to pretend they're not.
  • Machine Commune: A community of robots and sentient AI that believe in peacefully living alongside humans, they occupy what's left of Denver Airport at the Denver Ruins.

Steeltown[ | ]

  • BoS Steeltown: A massive arcology to the south of the Patriarch's realm. Led by Abigail Markham, Steeltown produces all the material necessities that make Colorado Springs a fully-functioning society, from weapons to heaters.
  • BoS Steeltown Workers: Led by Salene Crow, they're comprised of the factory workers in Steeltown that are striking due to being exploited by Steeltown's current security chief, Karl Ludlow.
  • BoS Ghost Gang: A small group of ex-Steeltown workers that inhabit the scrapyard next to Steeltown. They are led by Blue Spector, Markham's ex-partner, both in the business and romantic sense.

Aspen[ | ]

  • The Breathers: A group that has been forcibly addicted to a powerful hallucinogenic gas by Victory Buchanan, who controls them to do his bidding.

Cheyenne Mountain[ | ]

  • CotHD Primordialists: The friendlier faction within the Holy Detonation Cult, led by the Proteus, with Father Bezoar as it's speaker, they believe in "sharing" the Holy Detonation, their god, to the world, freely taking in outsiders that wish to join.
  • CotHD Nucleists: The not-so friendlier faction within the Holy Detonation Cult, led by Abbot Deuterium. They split from the Primordialists due to their differences in belief of who the Holy Detonation should be shared with. For the Nucleists, they believe it should only belong to it's most pious believers, in this case, them.

Hostile Factions[ | ]

  • The Dorseys: One of the recent additions to the many plain gangs that infest Colorado. Originally part of the Hundred Families, they have now devolved into nothing more than a gang of murderous raiders.
  • Los Payasos: A gang of sadistic killers dressed in clown-themed outfits who believe in the Great Joke, a belief that the nuclear apocalypse was one vicious joke, and that they are the punchline.
  • The Scar Collectors: A large unified gang of slavers that heavily modify their bodies with cybernetics, which they get mostly from their slaves that scavenge the many tech ruins in the wasteland.
  • The Godfishers: A twisted gang of religious raiders that believe in appeasing their "sky gods" by offering their victims on large leather kites, after ritually severing their limbs and attaching just their torso to them.
  • Hard Heads: A scavenger gang of cannibals that are adept at dismantling machinery for parts, they are led by Fishlips and made their home base in Union Station.

Neutral Factions[ | ]

  • The Monster Army: Fifty years ago, the Monster Army ruled Colorado. Now they're old and fading, and all they have left is the Bizarre, a "free haven" of trade and eccentric delights.
  • Arapaho: Referred to as the people of the convoy by some, the Arapaho are, mostly, descendents of a Native American tribe that offer mercantile services to Colorado. While some maintain truck stops, most of them live on the road, transporting and selling goods all over Colorado in well-armed caravans.
  • Wolfe's Gang: A group of synth hunters trained and led by Gary Wolfe. He formed the group back in Arizona some time after participating in the second war against the Cochise AI with the Rangers.
  • Deth: The rogue Ranger team under Colonel Angela Deth.

Cut Factions[ | ]

Factions' Insignia[ | ]