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In Wasteland 3, the wastelands of post-apocalyptic Colorado are full of factions vying for control over the territory. The Rangers' standing with them is graded on a five step scale: Hated, Disliked, Neutral, Liked, and Loved. See Reputation for details.

List of factions[]

Friendly factions[]

  • The Patriarch's Marshals: Led by Sheriff Daisy, the Marshals enforce the Patriarch's laws in Colorado Springs and - when necessary - beyond. They're a paramilitary force, similar to police, but a little rougher around the edges.
  • The Gippers: A heavily-armed cult devoted to the "god-president," Ronald Reagan. Some may call them crazy, but since they produce and refine all the oil in Colorado, everybody's got to pretend they're not.
  • The Hundred Families: The leading citizens of Colorado Springs, descended from the survivalist families who founded the Patriarch's nation. Most are dedicated to rebuilding America as it was before the bombs.
  • The Wastelander Refugees: Desperate, hardscrabble people from the periphery of the Patriarch's nation. As gangs and other dangers encroach from outside, many refugees have fled to Colorado Springs and other fortified towns.
  • The Brygo Syndicate: Faran Brygo's criminal organization.
  • The Monster Army: Fifty years ago, the Monster Army ruled Colorado. Now they're old and fading, and all they have left is the Bizarre, a "free haven" of trade and eccentric delights.
  • Arapaho: Colorado's finest caravaneers.
  • Deth: The rogue Ranger team under Angela Deth.
  • Steeltown: A massive arcology to the south of the Patriarch's realm.
  • The Machine Commune: The community of robots at Denver Ruins.

Hostile factions[]

Unimplemented factions[]

Factions' Insignia[]