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This page lists Wasteland 3 lore and skill books. The lore books are interactable objects that you can use to get a little more detail about the plot and the setting, while skill books immediately, permanently raise a skill by +1. Obviously, they're best saved for that tasty, final level.

Collecting all lore books unlocks an achievement.

Lore books[]

*Patch 1.3.0: Achievement is no longer bugged. The "Care, Repair, And Prepare" book was removed from the requirements as it was unobtainable before.

Name Location
Orders from Ranger Command Ambush Site: Received from Major Vera Prasad.
Old Journal Ranger HQ: War Room. Inside a locked desk (Lockpicking 2).
Slaver's note Ranger HQ: Med Bay. Looted from a corpse (MISSABLE if you leave the HQ and reset the room).
Dorsey prisoner's note Downtown Colorado Springs: Pillory Square. Received from Magistrate Silas Watkins. (MISSABLE! Only when you demanded justice for the Dorsey prisoner during the first dialogue with The Patriarch. This option requires Leadership 2).
Encyclopedia Robotica Ranger HQ: War Room. In the western desk table (spawns after you leave HQ for the first time).
The Gospel of Nick (No, Not That Nick, the Other Nick) Garden of the Gods: In a hidden snowpile to the west from the main road.
The Gospel of Nicholas Broadmoor Heights: Church of the Final Deluge. On a bookstand, in the eastern part of the church.
The Clown's Guide to Paints, Makeup and Acid Sans Luxe Apartments: Inside a container in the locked apartment (Lockpicking 5).
Survivalist's diary Hoon Homestead: Looted from a corpse in the bunker (MISSABLE if you choose not to save Hoon Homestead during the Heads or Tails mission).
Farmer's diary Bizarre Exterior: Greenhouse. Looted from a corpse.
Payaso letter Bizarre Exterior: Toy Workshop. Inside a container in the locked room (Lockpicking 5).
JabJab's Joke Book Warrens: Prison Block. Inside a locked locker (Lockpicking 5).
Ditso's letter Warrens: Chapel. Looted from Ditso Gogo's corpse.
A Letter from Aunt Ellen Old Survivalist Bunker: Lounge. Upstairs, on the table next to the Cyborg Chicken.
Official-looking letter Old Survivalist Bunker: Makeshift Hospital. Looted from the guard's leader.
Bunker pamphlet Old Survivalist Bunker: Storage (Flooded). On the wooden crate.
The Sensuous Toaster Monster Army Bunker: Entrance Lobby. Repair the toaster (Toaster Repair 5).
Monster Army note Monster Army Bunker: Inside a locked container behind the door to the west from the Entrance Lobby area (Lockpicking 7).
Mutilated diary Machine Commune: Looted from a corpse next to V.I.C.I.
Note from November 13th Machine Commune: Looted from a corpse next to V.I.C.I.
Godfisher holy book Denver Ruins: East Ruins. Looted from Flensing-Ice's corpse.
Stoll's burden Clown Museum: Frozen corpse in the yard. (Melt it down with flamethrowers).
Foreman's log Aspen: Construction Yard. Inside a container in the northwestern room.
Note to Llewellyn Little Hell: Basement. Inside the locked locker next to Llewellyn.
Everybody Shits! Little Hell: Pool. Inside a small box on the right side.
Patient report: Saul Buchanan Little Hell: Patriarch's Suite. In the large container behind Vic Buchanan.
The Distinguished Annals of Toaster Repair, Vol. XIV Toaster Repair Academy: In the bookcase next to the altar.
REDACTED Orders Department of Energy Site: Laboratory. Inside a container in the southeastern corner.
Time capsule letter Removed from the game as of Patch 1.3.0 (inXile post)

Global Map: In a hidden junkpile after defeating the Golden Scorpitron (Requires Perception 10+ to uncover).

Skill books[]

Name Skill Location
Be The Dog Animal Whisperer Denver Ruins: Search the airport.
Weinberger Guide to Body Armor Customization Armor Modding Denver Ruins: Received from Sister Nancy Forge (only for passing Weapon Modding 5 check, not Nerd Stuff 4).
The Infantrymen's Bible Automatic Weapons Reward from the Hoons during their mission. Also found on the corpse outside the house if you save the Arapaho caravan instead.
The Brooklyn Bridge: Sold Barter Tellurium Mine (World map location in the north).
The Legend of Bazooka Jim Big Guns Patriarch's Palace: In Victory's room.
Kumite: A History Brawling Garden of the Gods: At Bellamy's workshop.
Dick Markowitz's STEALTH SQUAD Combat Shooting Given as a reward by Gary Wolfe if you do everything as he says and never mess with any synth upgrades.
The Red Wire or the Blue Explosives Arapaho Caravan: Inside the chest in one of the buildings.
Grey's Anatomy First Aid Old Survivalist Bunker: Inside the pile of books in the flooded room in the bunker.
The Drill Sergeant's Phrase Book Hard Ass Bizarre: Quest reward for Nightmare in the Bizarre.
Negotiated Settlement Kiss Ass Broadmoor Heights: Inside the Church.
Best Boss Leadership Little Hell: Vic's room.
The Locksmith's Companion Lockpicking Peterson Air Force Base: In the locked desk at the brig.
The Shade Tree Mechanic Mechanics Machine shop: Inside a locker.
The Bleeding Edge Melee Combat Snowed Inn Resort: On a Dorsey in the "Cabin" room (the large western building)
Neural Net Processor Manual Nerd Stuff Department of Energy Site: Inside the locker.
Make My Day Small Arms Godfisher Windfarm (Yuma County Speedway).
Tippy Toes Sneaky Shit Little Vegas: Inspector Delgado. Or rather, near him: In the next room.
You'll Just Die Tired Sniper Rifles Union Station: Inside a locker in the hall just before Morningstar
Pup Scout Funtime Camping Guide Survival Aspen: Sold by Opie.
Fix It! Toaster Repair Ranger HQ: Sold by Ananda Rabindranath after he's recruited.
Forewarned is Forearmed Weapon Modding Tellurium Mine: Reward for completely getting rid of all robots (you also need to ask "What is it in for us?" before you pick up the dog's collar).
It Just Works Weird Science Little Hell (Aspen), in a chest in the kitchen where Gift is residing.
Salvaging: A Life Scavenging Not currently implemented?
101 Things to Make at Home Crafting