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It's the Hispanic Heritage Month at FANDOM! It's worth noting that Wasteland, 33 years ago, was one of the first games to allow players to create Hispanic characters with the nationality selection. What's more, the starting Hispanic character, Snake Vargas, eventually became one of the most important movers and shakers of the Arizona wasteland, saving the world twice over as a Desert Ranger! If you're interested in learning more about Hispanic heritage and how it's featured in modern entertainment, join the official Fandom HHM Discord server!


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Similar to Fountain of Dreams, of all games, Wasteland 3 allows you to gain mutations while driving through irradiated zones. These are assigned randomly, depending on the type of radioactive field you pass through and once acquired can be removed by No-Glo or by going to a doctor. Note that going to a doctor will remove all mutations, including beneficial ones.


There are distinct levels of radiation for the game, each rolling for doses every 1.5 seconds.

  • None (self-explanatory)
  • Minor (no radiation effect)
  • Low (deals 0.075 damage per dose, base chance to roll mutations/effects)
  • Medium (deals 0.2 damage per dose, double chance for mutations/effects)
  • High (deals 0.3 damage per dose, triple chance for mutations/effects)

When you roll for mutations, there are unequal odds. Negative effects have a 40 point weight each, while beneficial ones have just 9. There are three negative effects and nine positive mutations to gain, giving you a roughly 60% chance to gain a negative effect and a 40% chance to get a positive mutation (and a little over 10% to get a specific one).


Type Name Effects Description
General Irradiated You're glowing bright and feeling terrible.
Negative effects Nausea -1 AP You're feeling queasy and nauseous.
Shakes -10% hit chance You can't hold your hands straight.
Weakness -15% CON You're feeling light-headed.
Positive mutations Animal Reflexes +5% evasion Your reaction times are heightened significantly beyond human levels.
Chromatic Skin +1 s detection time You're just a tiny bit more chameleon.
Extra Elbow +25% throwing range Takes being double-jointed to a whole other level.
Flesh Pocket +1 quick slots Gross, but surprisingly functional.
Hardened Skeleton +4 armor Your bones have hardened and thickened.
Hyper-Intelligence +5% XP gain You're seeing possibilities you never knew existed.
Scale Skin +10% status effect resistance Your skin has become dry and scaly, capable of sustaining great blows.
Third Eye +5% crit chance Now you know what it means when they say someone's got eyes on the back of their head.
Webbed Toes +0.5 combat speed Who knew being a fish-person would have its upsides?

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