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This page lists Perks in Wasteland 3.

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For the perks in other Wasteland games, see Perks.

Legend[ | ]

Perks are separated into three categories:

  • Generic perks anyone can pick.
  • Skill-related perks that require a certain skill level to pick.
  • Special perks that can't be picked, but can be acquired through other means.

Generic perks[ | ]

These perks are available to every ranger and companion.

Name Effect
Deep Pockets +1 Quick Slots
Hardened +2 Armor
Healthy +35 CON
Quick Reflexes +5% Evasion
Weathered +10% Crit resistance

Special perks[ | ]

The following perks are unlocked at the Ranger HQ (Peterson Air Force Base).

Name Effect How to unlock
Biotech Serum
Game Master +2% Critical chance Recruit Quarex for Ranger HQ after Quarex's Hellacious Journey.
Investigative Eye +1 Perception Recruit V.I.C.I. for Ranger HQ.
Marshal Training +2M Leadership range Recruit Frank Pappas.
Ranger Survivor +5% Healing bonus Save La Loca and Rook at Aspen.
Tuned Up
Vehicular Combat +5% Damage to Vehicles Recruit Randy Gett during Thicker Than Water.

These are extra-special perks.

Name Effect How to unlock
Illustratio +1 Perception Deliver the Owl of Minerva token to The Provost and visit the Mysterious Cave.
Eye of Tarjan +1% Cold resistance
+2 Perception
Turn in Tarjan token at The Bizarre.
Fortune Cookie +15 CON
Precognition +10% Evasion
Cyborg Tech Allows for using cybernetic upgrades

Skill perks[ | ]

Combat skills perks[ | ]

Skill Level Name Effect
Automatic Weapons 2 Puncturing Shot Adds the Puncturing Shot ability (5 AP).
3 Gopher Hunter Enemies have 40% less benefit from Cover when attacking them with Assault Rifles.
4 Spray 'N' Pray Adds the Spray 'N' Pray ability (5 AP).
6 Reckless Gain +15% Damage with Submachine Guns while not in cover.
7 Double Tap If you attack a target twice in a row with an Assault Rifle, the second is always a Critical Hit (once per turn).
8 Stormer If you move more than 5 spaces, your next Assault Rifle or Submachine Gun attack costs no AP (once per turn).
10 Trigger Happy Killing an enemy with an Automatic Weapon gives +3 AP (once per turn).
Melee Combat 2 Bleeding Strike Grants the Bleeding Strike ability (4 AP).
4 Stunning Blow Grants the Stunning Blow ability (5 AP).
5 Striking Distance +0.5 Combat Speed when you have two melee weapons equipped.
6 Bloodsport Attacks with Blunt Weapons critically hit Stunned Icon StatusEffect Stunned, Blind Icon StatusEffect Blindness, Shocked Icon StatusEffect Shocked, Bleeding Icon StatusEffect Bleeding and Poisoned Icon StatusEffect Poison enemies.
7 Hack 'N' Slash Attacking the same target twice in a row with a Bladed Weapon executes a free bonus attack.
8 Pursuit If you move more than 3 spaces, your next Bladed Weapon attack has +25% Critical chance (+100% vs. Slowed Icon StatusEffect Slowed targets).
10 Shrug It Off When using a Blunt Weapon, gain +5 Armor and +10% Status effect resistance for every enemy adjacent to you.
Big Guns 2 Move Up! Gain +0.5 Combat Speed on the first turn of combat while using Big Guns.
3 Suppressing Fire Grants the Suppressing Fire ability (5 AP)
4 Terrorizer Flamethrower attacks Engulf Icon StatusEffect Engulfed targets, reducing their Hit Chance by -15%.
7 Pressure Cooker Grants the Pressure Cooker ability (5 AP).
8 Steady Shot Gain +20% Evasion and +10% Hit chance in Low Cover when using a Heavy Machine Gun.
10 Wide Spread Increase the firing arc of Heavy Machine Guns and Flamethrowers by +35%.
Brawling 2 Shaolin Surprise Grants the Shaolin Surprise ability (2 AP).
5 Extreme Combo Brawling combo maximum increased to 10x.
7 Deadly Combo Brawling combo Critical Chance increased by 2x (+200% Critical chance).
10 Flurry of Blows Brawling attacks cost -1 AP.
Small Arms 2 Shredder Shot Grants the Shredder Shot ability (4 AP)
3 Opportunist Your Strike Meter charges a bonus 5% with each successful handgun attack.
5 Trick Shot Grants the Trick Shot ability (4 AP).
6 Clear Cover Shotguns do +100% damage vs. Cover.
7 Draw! Your first attack after reloading an empty weapon costs no AP.
8 Devastation Shotgun attacks gain +25% Damage for each enemy hit by the same shot.
10 Counter-Offensive Attacking a melee enemy on the turn after they hit you deals +50% Damage.
Sniper Rifles 2 Mark Target Grants the Mark Target ability (2 AP).
5 Masterful Precision Precision Strikes with Sniper Rifles have significantly higher chances of inflicting critical effects.
7 Concentration Gain +10% Hit chance when using a Sniper Rifle if you don't move for 1 turn.
10 Chain Ambush Ambush attacks with Sniper Rifles that kill your target don't end the Ambush.

General skill perks[ | ]

Skill Level Name Effect
Animal Whisperer 3 Animal Training Animal Companions gain bonus CON and damage
5 Spirit Animal Animal Companions provide improved passive bonuses.
7 Vengeful Bond If your Animal Companion drops to 25% CON, gain +50% Critical chance and +2 AP.
Explosives 2 Duck and Cover Fire and Explosive Resistances +20%
3 Bomb Recovery Disarming land mines has a 33% chance to drop a grenade
4 Minesweeper You no longer set off land mines when stepping on them
5 Mortar Blast Grants the Mortar Blast ability (7 AP)
7 High Impact Targets directly hit by rockets or grenades are automatic Critical Hits
10 Blast Radius Grenade blast radius and other AoE abilities gain +40% radius
First Aid 1 Emergency Response When an ally is Downed in battle, gain +1 Combat Speed for 2 turns
5 Overhealing Using healing items also boosts the target's max CON by +25% for 3 turns
7 Physical Therapy Reviving allies has a chance of buffing them (+6% per First Aid level)
10 Hypocritic Oath Gain +50% Damage for 2 turns after reviving a downed ally.
Sneaky Shit 4 Second Chance +1.0s Detection time.
7 Close Call Alarms and Traps have a 50% chance to malfunction when you set them off.
10 Lights Out +100% Sneak attack damage.
Weird Science 3 Overcharge Adds Overcharge ability (1 AP)
6 Microwave Research Energy damage is increased by 0.5 for every point of Armor the target has
9 Conductive Beams Energy attacks have a 10% chance to electrocute enemies, dealing Energy damage to them and anyone standing nearby for 2 turns.

Exploration skill perks[ | ]

Skill Level Name Effect
Armor Modding 10 Tender Loving Care All squad members gain +5 Armor while the perk owner is present.
Nerd Stuff 3 Targeting Override Robots you hack will now be attacked by other enemies.
5 Electric Leakage Hacked robots emit an electric burst every turn, dealing Energy Damage to enemies nearby.
7 Overclock Hacked robots gain +2 AP.
Mechanics 3 Structural Weakness Bonus damage to Robots and Vehicles +20%.
4 Handy Deployables gain +25% CON and deal +25% Damage
5 Reinforced Plating Repairing vehicles and robots also boosts the target's max CON by +25% for 3 turns
7 Fortify Repairing friendly vehicles, robots, and deployables grants +5 Armor for 3 turns
Survival 6 Big Game Hunter Bonus damage to Animals and Mutants +20%
10 Explorer's Instinct Instantly reveals the entire World Map and all discoverable locations
Toaster Repair 3 Toaster Expert Bonus loot when repairing broken toasters
5 Breakfast Bandit Fixing broken toasters now yields Toast
7 Heating Element +25% Fire damage
10 Toasty Killing an enemy causes your next attack to inflict Burning Icon StatusEffect Burning.
Weapon Modding 2 Scrounger's Touch Field Stripping now has a chance of providing weapon mods
5 Powder Packer Your entire party finds +25% bonus ammo when looting, at a minimum of +1
7 Expert Disassembler Field Stripping weapons yields +30% more scrap

Social skill perks[ | ]

Skill Level Name Effect
Barter 3 Penny Pincher Buying multiple items provides a 20% discount
7 Antiques Appraiser Junk items (excluding scrap) have a 5% chance of being sold for 40x their value
Leadership 3 Rally Grants the Rally ability (+2 AP to Allies in range)
5 Demoralize Grants the Demoralize ability (2 AP)