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Following up on the success of animal companions in Wasteland 2 (screaming goats excepted), Wasteland 3 introduces an even more robust animal companion system, alongside a very broad selection of bonuses that can be used to further tailor the performance of your rangers in the field.


Taming animals requires the Animal Whisperer rank and all requirements are hard requirements, unlike the previous game. The companions will typically follow the party member who tamed them, but with patch 1.4.0 and the additional of an animal companion kennel at Peterson Air Force Base, they can be stored and moved around between party members. When dismissed, they will automatically return to the kennel (and if you really don't want them, you can just kick them out).

However, all original Animal Whisperer restrictions still apply.

There are some Wasteland 3 companions that behave similarly to pets but they do not provide bonuses and do not require Animal Whisperer to recruit into the party (with the exception of Poultron that requires Animal Whisperer for the initial Cyborg Chicken components).


Animal Difficulty Bonus Spirit Animal Bonus Location Notes
1/cigarettes +2% Strike rate +4% Strike rate Ambush Site (Prologue) Has a unique appearance and much higher CON than other cats.
1 +10% Critical damage +20% Critical damage Hoon Homestead Unique 2-headed goat with large CON; can stun enemies. Cannot be acquired if the player does not choose to confront Erastus Dorsey during Heads or Tails mission.
1 +3% Experience bonus +6% Experience bonus Garden of the Gods, Snowed Inn Resort etc.
1 +10% Initiative +20% Initiative Aspen, Garden of the Gods etc.
1 +3M Leadership range +6M Leadership range Aspen, Garden of the Gods etc.
2 +3% Critical chance +6% Critical chance Colorado Springs etc.
3 +0.1 Combat Speed +0.2 Combat Speed Colorado Springs, Peterson Air Force Base etc.
4 +10% Critical damage +20% Critical damage Denver, Gett Family Homestead etc. Can stun enemies.
4 +15 CON +30 CON Clown Museum, Warrens etc.
4 +0.5s Detection time +1.0s Detection time Denver Airport, Santa's Workshop
4 +5% Evasion +10% Evasion The Bizarre When bought or convinced (require Animal Whisperer 7), Polly starts following the current 'leader' of the party in addition to any present pets following that character. After being dismissed returns to normal pet behavior.
5 +5% Sneak attack damage +10% Sneak attack damage Hoon Homestead (after choosing to save the Arapaho Caravan), The Bizarre Terrifies enemies (AOE), decreasing enemies' AP by 2.
5 +2 Armor penetration +4 Armor penetration Denver, Department Of Energy Very loud animal; constantly making noises.
6 +10% Melee damage +20% Melee damage Denver Airport, Aspen etc.
7 +2 Armor +4 Armor Aspen (holding cells with 'bears'), Snowed Inn Resort Large CON, can also terrify enemies but does it less often than waste wolf.
9 +5% Crit resistance +10% Crit resistance Knox Bison Ranch Is recruited by a 'leader' character as long as there is any AW 9 character in the party.

If the 'leader' already has an animal follower, the bison becomes the second one.

10 +1 Downed time +2 Downed time Massacre Site Enormous CON
10 +15% Cold resistance
+15% Energy resistance
+15% Fire resistance
+30% Cold resistance
+30% Energy resistance
+30% Fire resistance
Steeltown gates
7 +15 CON recovery per Turn/per 10 second +30 CON recovery per Turn/per 10 second Research Level Poison enemies in area