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This page lists all quirks in Wasteland 3.

List of quirks[ | ]

Name Icon Effect Drawback Description
PnP Quirk Blunderer
+15% Melee damage -50% Critical chance People like teasing you about "dumb strength" and the "smart application of force". You like squeezing those people until one of their bones breaks.
Bop Bag
PnP Quirk BopBag
+6 Armor -0.4 Combat Speed Hits are just a part of life. The important thing, after you get hit, is that you pivot on your weighted base and rotate back up again.
Circus Freak
PnP Quirk CircusFreak
+0.4 Combat Speed
+25% Crit resistance
Unlock Clown outfit
-2s Detection time It transforms you, and you become its vessel. It's funny, no one even cared who you were until you put on the nose.
Death Wish
PnP Quirk DeathWish
+3 AP (max)
+3 AP
Cannot wear armor They don't get it. There's a bullet out there with your name on it, and it won't matter what gear you're wearing when it comes. Until then, you're better off moving fast and lean.
Doomsday Prepper
PnP Quirk DoomsdayPrepper
+15 CON
+33% Status effect resistance
Cannot read skill books You're here because your family didn't trust the media. They were prepped, and you won't let them down. You've got your bug-out bag packed and you ain't readin' no lyin' books.
Lone Wolf
PnP Quirk LoneWolf
+30% Initiative
+15% Healing bonus
No Leadership benefits When you were on your own, only your reflexes kept you alive. Now you've got allies, but you still gotta go your own way.
Medical Marvel
PnP Quirk MedicalMarvel
+5 CON per level Cannot be revived in combat You're hearty. You've never had the sniffles or a toothache. You even bounce back from nasty injuries. But when something does knock you out, you stay down.
PnP Quirk Mime
+2s Detection time
Unlock Mime outfit
-10 CON
-0.5M Throwing range
God help you, you are a mime. You are completely silent, but you have the combat sturdiness of an entertainer in grease paint.
PnP Quirk Poindexter
+1 bonus skill point every 2 levels -8 CON
-3 CON per level
This might be the worst period in history to be a physically-underdeveloped braniac, but knowledge will always be power.
PnP Quirk Prospector
Occassionally gain valuable gold nuggets while digging -1 Quick Slots Dadburn it, you got gold fever! You reckon these folk won't mind you haulin' a pick or a pan along with, so long as you keep fishin' up them yella nuggets!
PnP Quirk Pyromaniac
+25% Fire damage
+25% Explosive damage
15% chance to catch on fire (inflict Burning on self) when using Fire and Explosive weapons Most Coloradan natives appreciate a warm fire, but you bring it to another level. Your love for the flame is an obsession that sometimes... backfires?
PnP Quirk Sadomasochist
+33% Melee damage
+33% Ranged damage
+33% Received damage You have a thing for pain.
Serial Killer
PnP Quirk SerialKiller
+3 AP per kill (once per turn) -1 AP You try to keep the bloodlust in check, but every time you kill, you just want MORE...
Two-Pump Chump
PnP Quirk TwoPumpChump
+2 AP for the first two turns -1 AP for the next 6 turns after the first two turns. If nice folks finish last, then you finish first every time.
Varangian Blood
PnP Quirk VarangianBlood
When an ally is downed, enter Berserker Rage (+100% Critical chance and +3 AP for 1 turn) -20% Evasion for the next two turns after Rage ends The fury of ancient warriors flows through you. If you see an ally fall in battle, something inside you snaps.
Waste Roamer
PnP Quirk WasteRoamer
Immune to Bleeding, Poisoned, Shocked, Burning, and Frozen -15% Experience bonus You've walked so much of this wasted world that the glow got in you. It doesn't even burn anymore. But you're different now, in ways you can't explain.
Way of the Squeezins
PnP Quirk WayOfTheSqueezins
+50% Damage while drunk -20% Damage Variations of Drunken Kung Fu have flourished in the wasteland. Masters of the form stagger unpredictably and strike with wild rage. They are not, however, popular neighbors.