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Skill books are special items that increase a particular skill by 1 point when used. Obviously, they're best saved for that tasty, final level.

List of books[ | ]

Name Skill Location
Be The Dog
+1 Animal Whisperer Denver Airport: Buried in the snow near V.I.C.I. during Counterintelligence.
Weinberger Guide to Body Armor Customization
+1 Armor Modding Denver Ruins: Received from Sister Nancy Forge (only for passing Weapon Modding 5 check, not Nerd Stuff 4).
The Infantrymen's Bible
+1 Automatic Weapons Hoon Homestead: Reward from the Hoons during Heads or Tails quest. Also found on the corpse outside the house if you save the Arapaho caravan instead.
The Brooklyn Bridge: Sold
+1 Barter Tellurium Mine: In the mine, up on the ridge near the computer on a dead robot.
The Legend of Bazooka Jim
+1 Big Guns Patriarch's Palace: In the Victory's room.
Kumite: A History
+1 Brawling
Dick Markowitz's STEALTH SQUAD
+1 Combat Shooting Given by Gary "NaCl" Wolfe, after hunting down all remaining synths and not buying Icon Misc CyborgTechControlModule Cyborg Tech Control Unit from Vivisecto, RN and not having Ironclad Cordite in the party.
The Red Wire or the Blue
+1 Explosives Arapaho Caravan: Inside the locked chest in the level 5 locked basement.
Grey's Anatomy
+1 First Aid Old Survivalist Bunker: Inside the pile of books in the flooded room in the bunker.
The Drill Sergeant's Phrase Book
+1 Hard Ass The Bizarre: Rewarded for Nightmare in the Bizarre quest.
Negotiated Settlement
+1 Kiss Ass Broadmoor Heights: Inside the Church.
Best Boss
+1 Leadership Little Hell: Vic's room.
The Locksmith's Companion
+1 Lockpicking Peterson Air Force Base: In the locked desk at the brig (Lockpicking 2).
The Shade Tree Mechanic
+1 Mechanics Machine shop: Inside a locker.
The Bleeding Edge
+1 Melee Combat Snowed Inn Resort: On a Dorsey in the "Cabin" room (the large western building).
Neural Net Processor Manual
+1 Nerd Stuff Department of Energy Site: Inside the locker in the Garage.
Make My Day
+1 Small Arms Yuma County Speedway, Godfisher Windfarm.
Tippy Toes
+1 Sneaky Shit Little Vegas: Inspector Delgado. Or rather, near him: In the next room.
You'll Just Die Tired
+1 Sniper Rifles Union Station: Inside a locker in the hall just before Morningstar.
Pup Scout Funtime Camping Guide
+1 Survival Aspen: Sold by Opie.
Fix It!
+1 Toaster Repair The Bizarre/Peterson Air Force Base: Sold by Ananda Rabindranath after he's recruited.
Forewarned is Forearmed
+1 Weapon Modding Tellurium Mine: Rewarded by Bulb if asked for a reward and then kill all the robots (quest War of the Worlds?).
It Just Works
+1 Weird Science Little Hell (Aspen), in a chest next to Dr. Hyde in the kitchen, nearby where the Gift is residing.
Salvaging: A Life
Scavenging Not implemented
101 Things to Make at Home