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Trinkets are special items that the player's Rangers can wear, which provide a boost to their statistics. Only one item can be worn at any given time.

  • Utility items like the sonic emitter use the trinket slot, but may confer other benefits.

Bonus to attributes[]

Name Image Effects Location Value
Winner's Badge
Icon Trinket TimeCapsuleBadge.png
+1 All attributes Golden Scorpitron world map encounter. 500

Bonus to skills[]

Skill Name Image Effects Location Value
Animal Whisperer Grooming Brush
Icon Trinket GroomingBrush.png
+1 Animal Whisperer The Bizarre/Peterson Air Force Base: Sold by Ananda Rabindranath. 250
Barter Monocle
Icon Trinket Monocle.png
+2 Perception
+1 Barter
The Bizarre/Peterson Air Force Base: Sold by Ananda Rabindranath. 150
Silver Dollar Necklace
Icon Misc SilverDollarNecklace.png
+1 Barter Little Hell: Inside the vault. 250
Explosives Defusal Kit
Icon Trinket DefusalKit.png
+1 Explosives Aspen: Dropped by Ash after killing him. 250
First Aid Stethoscope
Icon Trinket Stethoscope.png
+1 First Aid Downtown Colorado Springs: Received from Doc Parker for saving his patients yourself. 250
Hard Ass Aviators
Icon Trinket Aviators.png
+1 Hard Ass Union Station: Look inside the lobby. 250
Star of Bravery
Icon Trinket StarOfBravery.png
+5% Hit chance
+5% Critical chance
+1 AP (max)
+1 AP
+1 Hard Ass
Peterson Air Force Base: Rewarded by Riley Woodson for saving all the Rangers during The Psychopath quest. 250
Kiss Ass Bottle of Acme Genuine Gorilla Pheromones
Icon DLC2 Equip Trinket GorillaPheromones.png
+1 Kiss Ass
Gorilla Pheromones (3 AP): Use to become irresistible to animals. Moving near animals has a 25% chance to tame them. Lasts 2 turns.
Cheyenne Power Storage Facility: Inside Animal Research Lab on the dead gorilla. 50
Veteran's Ranger Star
Icon Trinket VeteranRanger.png
+1 Kiss Ass Ambush site: Dropped by Jarett Dorsey.
Aspen: On the dead body of the Ranger at the bar, at the Welcome Lodge.
Leadership Leader's Banner
Icon Trinket RangerBanner.png
+1 Leadership Denver ruins: Sold by Human Outreach Mobile Gift Shop. 250
Lockpicking Thief's Kit
Icon Equipment ThiefsKit.png
+1 Lockpicking 250
Mechanics Tool Kit
Icon Equipment Toolkit.png
+1 Mechanics Downtown Colorado Springs: Sold by Jimmie Longhaul. 250
Nerd Stuff PDA
Icon Trinket PDA.png
+1 Nerd Stuff Peterson Air Force Base: Located in the vault, accessed after La Perla gives the access code as a token of good faith during Slaver's Bounty. Three in total. 250
Sneaky Shit Optical Camo Shroud
Icon DLC2 Equip Trinket OpticalCamoShroud.png
+1 Sneaky Shit
Icon DLC2 Equip Trinket OpticalCamoShroud.png Optical Camo Shroud (3 AP): Use to gain +8 seconds Detection Time, +50% Sneak Attack Damage, and +50% Initiative for 1 turn.
Cheyenne Loading Dock: In the final chamber. 300
Icon Equipment Pliers.png
+1 Sneaky Shit 250
Survival Binoculars
Icon Equipment Binoculars.png
+1 Survival The Bizarre exterior. 250
Noah's teddy bear +1 Survival
+30% Cold resistance
+30% Fire resistance
+15% Healing bonus
Golden Scorpitron world map encounter. 500
Toaster Repair Toaster Repairman's Badge
Icon Trinket ToasterRepairBadge.png
+1 Toaster Repair Peterson Air Force Base: Broken toaster in dining room (require Toaster Repair 3). 250
Weapon Modding
Armor Modding
Modder's Kit
Icon Trinket WeaponsmithTools.png
+1 Weapon Modding
+1 Armor Modding
The Bizarre: Sold by The Sanctified Piscitelli. 250
Weird Science Thick Glasses
Icon Equipment ThickGlasses.png
+1 Weird Science Union Station: One of several rewards for completing Morningstar's quest. 250

Exclusive to start characters[]

Start pair Name Image Effects Value
Father & Daughter William's Medal
Icon Williams Medal.png
+1 Armor penetration 25
Mom's Photo
Icon Moms Photo.png
+0.2s Detection time 25
Mentor & Student Dusty's AA Medallion
Icon Dustys chip.png
+30% Critical damage 25
Marie's Wrench
Icon Maries Wrench.png
+3 Armor 25
Punk Lovers Bronco's Heart Pendant
Icon Bronco Heart.png
+10% Critical chance 25
Kickboy's Heart Pendant
Icon Kickboy Heart.png
+4% Strike rate 25
Tech Heads 9 Volt Battery
Icon 9volt battery.png
+20% Energy resistance 25
Vintage Toaster Handle
Icon Toaster handle.png
+25% Fire resistance 25
Young Rangers Spence's Hand Wraps
Icon Spence Wraps.png
+5% Hit chance 25
Yuri's Charm
Icon Yuri Charm.png
+10% Ranged damage 25


Name Image Effects Location Value
Anabolic Injector
Icon Crafting AnabolicInjector Unique.png
+1 AP (max)
+1 AP
Little Hell (Aspen): Inside the freezer in the medical crate. 750
Icon Trinket Backpack.png
+1 Quick Slots 150
Black (trinket)
T W Black.png
+0.2 Combat Speed 0
Cog Pendant
Icon Trinket CogPendant.png
+20% Cold resistance
+20% Fire resistance
+20% Explosive resistance
Massacre site: Buried in the earth. 250
Mitosis' bracelet +50% Resistance to Holy Radiation Cheyenne Observation Level: Given by Mitosis. 250
Night Terror Plushie
Icon Trinket NightTerrorPlushie.png
+10% Damage to Mutants Denver airport: Sold by Vendomatic 2000. 150
Optical Spectrometer
Icon Crafting OpticalSpectrometer Unique.png
+4 Perception Denver ruins: Southwestern Godfisher camp, in an iced over container hidden behind a graffiti'd wall. 500
Pitchblend's bracelet +6M Leadership range Cheyenne Loading Dock: Side area. 250
Polished Ranger Badge
Icon Trinket PolishedRangerBadge.png
+5% Experience bonus Ambush site: Automatically added to inventory as a pre-order bonus or as a part of Colorado survival gear DLC. 250
Rabbit's Paw
Icon Trinket RabbitsPaw.png
+3% Critical chance Ambush site: In a container near the Dam access point. 250
Skin wallet
Icon Crafting Joke SkinWallet.png
+1 Quick Slots It is made according to the recipe. 100
Sonic Emitter
Icon Crafting SonicEmitter Unique.png
Sonic Emitter (6 AP): Applies Stunned on success.
Requires Weird Science 6 to use.
Warrens: Rewarded for participating in DJ R.I.P.'s trivia and answering correctly on to his question. 500
Spiked Collar
Icon trinket SpikedCollar.png
+5% Crit resistance The Bizarre: Inside the safe. 150
Tactical Goggles
Icon Equipment TacticalGoggles.png
+20% Critical damage Warrens: Received from Quarex after completing Quarex's Hellacious Journey. 150
Wool Cap
Icon Trinket WoolCap.png
+50% Cold resistance Random encounter with Scotchmo in the party. Kiss Ass 5 required. 150

Cybornetic upgrades[]

Those occupy the same slot as trinkets but require Cyborg Tech perk to use.

Name Image Effects Location Value
Adrenal enhancer
Icon Mod AdrenalEnhancer.png
+1.0 Combat Speed Random loot. 700
Bomb Hopper Launcher
Icon DLC2 Equip CyborgTech BombHopperLauncher.png
Deploy Bomb Hopper (3 AP): Deploys a robotic Bomb Hopper follower that assists in combat. Self-destructs after combat has ended. Cheyenne Observation Level: Rewarded by Mitosis for giving her Pitchblend's bracelet. 1800
Cerebral modem
Icon Mod CerebralModem.png
+1 Nerd Stuff
Cerebral Uplink (2 AP): Targets an enemy robot or synth and inhibits their systems, temporarily stunning them.
Deals 25-35 Energy damage.
Applies System Crash.
Denver ruins: Sold by Vivisecto, RN. 1200
Icon Mod CyberFist.png
+10% Melee damage Denver ruins: Sold by Vivisecto, RN.
"Snowed Inn" Resort: Possible drop.
Possible drop from Scar Collector world map encounters.
EMP cylinder
Icon Mod EMPCylinder.png
EMP Burst (3 AP): Damages and Shocks any targets in an area around the user.
Deals 30-60 Energy damage.
Denver ruins: Sold by Vivisecto, RN.
Yuma County Speedway: Sold by The Mechanic.
Possible drop from Scar Collector world map encounters.
Liver box
Icon Mod LiverBox.png
+35% Healing bonus Warrens: Rewarded by Gwynplaine. 400
Nociception clamp
Icon Mod NociceptorClamp.png
+2 Downed time
+100% Crit resistance
Denver ruins: Sold by Vivisecto, RN. 1200
Optilaser 9000
Icon Mod OptiLaser900.png
Optilaser (3 AP): Fires a laser blast from your cybernetic eye, hitting multiple targets.
Deals 90-120 Energy damage.
25% to apply Shocked.
Denver ruins: Sold by Vivisecto, RN.
Yuma County Speedway: Sold by The Mechanic.
Random loot.
Subdermal plating
Icon Mod SubdermalPlating.png
+5 Armor Random loot. 400