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Wasteland 3 trinkets are special items that the player's Rangers can wear, which provide a boost to their statistics. Only one item can be worn at any given time.

  • Utility items like the sonic emitter use the trinket slot, but may confer other benefits.

List of trinkets[]

Name Image Effects Location Value
Anabolic Injector AP: +1

AP (Max): +1

Little Hell (Aspen) 750
Icon Trinket Aviators.png
+1 Hard Ass Union Station 250
Icon Trinket Backpack.png
Increases Quick Slots by 1 150
Icon Trinket AppearanceUnlocker.png
 +1 Survival The Bizarre Exterior 250
Black (trinket)
T W Black.png
Increases combat speed by +0.2 0
Cog Pendant
Icon Trinket CogPendant.png
 +1 Crafting 250
Defusal Kit
Icon Trinket DefusalKit.png
 +1 Explosives Little Hell (Aspen), on the corpse of Ash 250
Grooming Brush
Icon Trinket GroomingBrush.png
 +1 Animal Whisperer The Bizarre, sold by Ananda Rabindranath 250
Leader's Banner
Icon Trinket RangerBanner.png
 +1 Leadership Denver, sold by Human Outreach Mobile Gift Shop 250
Modder's Kit
Icon Trinket WeaponsmithTools.png
 +1 Weapon Modding and Armor Modding The Bizarre, sold by The Sanctified Piscitelli 250
Icon Trinket Monocle.png
Increases Perception by 2
+1 Barter
The Bizarre, sold by Ananda Rabindranath 150
Night Terror Plushie
Icon Trinket NightTerrorPlushie.png
Increases Damage to mutants by 10% Machine Commune (Denver), sold by Vendomatic 2000 150
Optical Spectrometer
Icon Crafting OpticalSpectrometer Unique.png
 +4 Perception Denver Exterior, in the camp of Godfishers,

inside a frozen box behind a breakable wall.

Icon Trinket PDA.png
 +1 Nerd Stuff Ranger HQ vault 250
Icon Equipment Pliers.png
 +1 Sneaky Shit 250
Rabbit's Paw
Icon Trinket RabbitsPaw.png
Increases Crit Chance by 3% Ambush Site 250
Silver Dollar Necklace
Icon Misc SilverDollarNecklace.png
+1 Barter Little Hell (Aspen) 250
Sonic Emitter
Icon Crafting SonicEmitter Unique.png
A device that applies Stunned to enemies in a cone area (6 AP).

Requires Weird Science 6 to use.

Warrens (The Bizarre), gift from DJ RIP 500
Spiked Collar
Icon trinket SpikedCollar.png
Increases Crit Resistance by 5% The Bizarre Exterior 150
Star of Bravery
Icon Trinket StarOfBravery.png
Increases Hit Chance and Crit Chance by 5%
Increases AP and Max AP by 1
+1 Hard Ass
A reward for saving all rangers in Aspen 250
Icon Trinket Stethoscope.png
 +1 First Aid Colorado Springs: a reward from Doc Parker for

saving his patients yourself

Tactical Goggles
Icon Equipment TacticalGoggles.png
Increases Crit Multiplier by 20% Warrens (The Bizarre), reward from Quarex 150
Thick Glasses
Icon Equipment ThickGlasses.png
 +1 Weird Science Union Station, letting Morningstar self-destruct. 250
Thief's Kit
Icon Equipment ThiefsKit.png
 +1 Lockpick 250
Toaster Helmet
Icon Equipment ToasterHelmet.png
Increases Armor by 4 250
Toaster Repairman's Badge
Icon Trinket ToasterRepairBadge.png
 +1 Toaster Repair Toaster in Ranger HQ dining room 250
Tool Kit
Icon Equipment Toolkit.png
 +1 Mechanics Downtown Colorado Springs, sold by Jimmie Longhaul 250
Veteran's Ranger Star
Icon Trinket VeteranRanger.png
 +1 Hard Ass Ambush Site 250
Winner's Badge
Icon Trinket TimeCapsuleBadge.png
Adds +1 to all attributes Site of encounter with Golden Scorpitron 500
Wool Cap
Icon Trinket WoolCap.png
Increases Cold Damage Resistance by 50% Random encounter with Scotchmo in the party. Kiss Ass 5 required. 150
Yuri's Charm
Icon Yuri Charm.png
Increases Ranged Damage by 10% Exclusive to The Young Rangers start. 25
Spence's Hand Wraps
Icon Spence Wraps.png
Increases Hit Chance by 5% Exclusive to The Young Rangers start. 25
Bronco's Heart Pendant
Icon Bronco Heart.png
Increases Crit Chance by 10% Exclusive to Punk Lovers start. 25
Kickboy's Heart Pendant
Icon Kickboy Heart.png
Increases Strike Rate by 4% Exclusive to Punk Lovers start. 25
William's Medal
Icon Williams Medal.png
Increases Armor Penetration by +1 Exclusive to Father & Daughter start. 25
Mom's Photo
Icon Moms Photo.png
Increases Detection Time by 20% Exclusive to Father & Daughter start. 25
Dusty's AA Medallion
Icon Dustys chip.png
Increases Crit Multiplier by 30% Exclusive to Mentor & Student start. 25
Marie's Wrench
Icon Maries Wrench.png
Increases Armor by 3 Exclusive to Mentor & Student start. 25
9 Volt Battery
Icon 9volt battery.png
Increases Energy Damage Resistance by 20% Exclusive to Tech Heads start. 25
Vintage Toaster Handle
Icon Toaster handle.png
Increases Heat Damage Resistance by 25% Exclusive to Tech Heads start. 25
Polished Ranger Badge
Icon Trinket PolishedRangerBadge.png
Increases Experience gain by 5% Gift for pre-ordering the game 250

List of cyborg implants[]

Those occupy the same slot as trinkets but require Cyborg perk to use.

See Wasteland 3 cybernetic upgrades for details.