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It's the Hispanic Heritage Month at FANDOM! It's worth noting that Wasteland, 33 years ago, was one of the first games to allow players to create Hispanic characters with the nationality selection. What's more, the starting Hispanic character, Snake Vargas, eventually became one of the most important movers and shakers of the Arizona wasteland, saving the world twice over as a Desert Ranger! If you're interested in learning more about Hispanic heritage and how it's featured in modern entertainment, join the official Fandom HHM Discord server!


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This page lists all armors in the original Wasteland.
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  • For armors in other Wasteland games, please see "Armor".



  • All armor provide damage reduction and increase the chance to evade attacks. Any armor is better than no armor for this simple reason, and getting leather jackets ASAP from Highpool's water purifier will greatly increase Ranger chances of survival.
  • Rad suits have one additional bonus: Wearing them renders the characters immune to radiation.


Armor Name AC Cost
Leather jacket 1
Robe 1
Bullet proof shirt 2
Kevlar vest 4
Rad suit 5
Kevlar suit 6
Pseudo-chitin armor 10
Power armor 14