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This page lists all attributes in the original Wasteland.
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Skills are bound to an attribute. Every skill is associated with an attribute, e.g. to be really good at Gamble it's even more important to have a high Luck. In fact there are often attribute checks accompanying passive skill checks, for instance there might be slightly harder AGL and LK checks complementing a Silent move check. However, in the vast majority of cases, it's more important to have the correct skill, rather than have a high attribute - eg. Medic 10 with 20 IQ won't save a COMatose character, but Doctor 1 with less IQ will reliably restore the character to working order.

At character creation, you roll the whole set of attributes. Each can range from as little as 3 to 18. This might have you thinking that you need to get the perfect build. In general, attributes aren't more important than skills and the only real attribute to pay attention to is IQ, which should be between 16 and 18 to get the best starting loadout.

Attributes[ | ]

The following section summarizes all the main attributes, along with the recommended prioritization. In general, the priorities are:

  1. Intelligence is vital for the initial skill selection. Try to get this as high as possible: 15-18 is a good guideline.
  2. Luck is important for dealing damage and avoiding it, regardless of your party make-up.
  3. Dexterity for a ranged party, Speed for a melee one (accuracy with guns and attacking first in melee).
  4. Strength should be high for one of the characters. Can be ignored if you plan to pick Covenant up.
  5. Agility and Charisma are effectively dump stats. Agility has marginal uses. Charisma is basically pointless.

Strength (ST)[ | ]

Lift, move and break items. Affects close combat damage, but not carrying capacity. Can be used to kick in doors and break open containers. You'll want one character with ST 15 or so, otherwise not a priority.

Intelligence (IQ)[ | ]

For thinking and problem solving. Also affects number of skill points. You need this for initial skill points at character creation, 15-18. You shouldn't accept any lower than that since you'll want to raise it to 23 eventually.

Luck (LK)[ | ]

Avoid damage, find things, improve odds in hand-to-hand combat. The attribute is checked in many different situations. A high LK lets you hit more often in close combat and do more damage in ranged combat.

Speed (SP)[ | ]

For moving quickly and escaping tight situations. Affects order of attack in close combat, and is also used to avoid the odd hazard. A mêlée party will want average rather than abysmal Speed.

Agility (AGL)[ | ]

Enhances acrobatic ability. For dodging blows and improved hand-to-hand combat. Used for athletic skills, and may also affect evasion in combat. Helps you avoid things like traps and pineapples. Not a very important stat.

Dexterity (DEX)[ | ]

For lock-picking or aiming weapons. Very important for combat. Affects shooting, so a medium to good DEX is preferable. Used for things like picking locks.

Charisma (CHR)[ | ]

Affects how NPCs will react to you. Can be used in a few places to minimal effect. Helps a little with contrary NPCs, which is not important at all.