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The Wasteland canon is not publicly defined. This page attempts to break down the relations and assumptions used while working on this wiki:


The following sources are acknowledged as part of the series and form the basis for writing articles on this wiki. If conflicts arise, later releases take precedence.

  • Wasteland and supplementary materials, such as the manual and paragraphs.
    • The clue book is considered an auxiliary source, as the narrative within has been disregarded in subsequent games.
  • Wasteland 2 and supplementary materials, such as the manual and novels (The Earth Transformed, Death Machines, and

All Bad Things).

Any additional sources are useful for illustration and additional context. However, what's in the game takes absolute precedence.

Canon playthroughs[]

Every sequel is directly related to the preceding game and makes certain assumptions about how the previous game's story unfolded.

Wasteland 2

This section is based primarily on No Way Home.

Other titles[]

While Fountain of Dreams was initially meant to be a sequel to Wasteland, Electronic Arts eventually dropped any such official references. Fallout was also meant to be a sequel, but Interplay did not have the rights to make it one, so the only official connection are several references to Wasteland throughout Fallout games. Other than that, they take place in separate fictional universes.