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Work with Kathy Lawson to find a cure for the Ag Center outbreak is a quest in Wasteland 2.


Kathy Lawson asks the player to help her to create a cure for the fungal infection (which can also affect the characters in the player's party).


  • First, Kathy needs ten fragments of the bloated explosive fungal pods in the center. There are more than ten in the central complex, so there should be no problem in acquiring them (they can be exploded by shooting them).
  • Second, Kathy needs a fungicidal agent. The sole remaining can is found in the basement below the central complex, in the room where Skinner is (the small workshop next to the mushroom cave). This room requires either Brute Force or Lockpicking to reach.
  • After this, Kathy will be able to synthesize a cure once the player completes the remainder of their objectives.


  • Rangers afflicted by the fungal infection will be cured.