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Working Stiff is a quest in Wasteland 3: Battle of Steeltown.


Oluwademilade, in the Steeltown Job Placement Center, has offered to give us a test to find our perfect job. Let's take the test and find out!


  • Starts by talking to Olu at the Job Placement Center. You'll have to take a series of three tests, and complete a task after each of them. The first two are fitness and cognitive capabilities, which will give you the nut tightening wrench and nut loosening wrench, complete with the appropriate positions. After completing them, you'll take the target practice test (it doesn't matter who you shoot), which will place you as a fire suppression expert.
  • This last part grants you a full set of pyro gear and your job is to relieve Keith down on the factory level. Once you relieve him, return to Oluwademilade to collect your reward and keep the pyro suit.


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