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Workshop is a location in Highpool.


The workshop is filled with some old machinery and there is a cot in the back. Old machine parts lie on the floor, surrounded by a scatter of tools. The big contraption right before the cot is a patchwork machine you recognize as a pump. Lime-crusted pipes go under the floor.


  • There is a loose board beneath the bed where you can find quite a cache: A VP91Z 9mm pistol, some ammo, a Leather jacket and some money.
  • When you use the Perception skill on the pump then you recognize that it's a water purification device which is broken and gives you the hint that it needs a new engine. You can get a new engine from the Trading Car.
  • When you repair the water purifier (by using an engine on the pump) then you are awarded with ammo, four Leather Jackets, some Jewelries and money.