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Yuma County Speedway is a location in Wasteland 3.


A long abandoned race-track, now used as the muster point for the plains gangs intending to raid Colorado Springs.

Points of interest[]

  • Welcome to the final act of the game. You're immediately contacted by The Mechanic, who will tow the Kodiak into the garage and give you the lowdown on how to reach Liberty. Note that if you have Ironclad Cordite in your party, you will need to either kill the Mechanics or permanently dump Cordite from your party to talk to him. If you do talk to him, you'll get access to a late game vendor and a laundry list of quests to turn the gangs on themselves. Be sure to loot the garage for some good loot.
  • The racetrack is a fairly straightforward location. You enter it to the southwest, near the Mechanic's garage. To the south is the exit to the Godfisher Windfarm, with Hangry the Clown near the exit. He asks you to save some slaves for them to "invite" to dinner at the Clown Burger; this requires killing two great bisons; letting the Payasos take them provides an inroad to the burger joint. There's some loot near the slaves, but mind the level 8 frag mines. Leaving the area causes the slaves and Hangry to disappear.
  • Right next to that area is the demolition derby, where you can find a good amount of loot among the scrap, including an unique helmet. The level 8 locked truck has the Yuma County Speedway Race cassette.
  • To the northwest is the exit to the Scar Collector Mine. You'll encounter Gary "NaCl" Wolfe there if you didn't complete Wolfe's Hunt in a matter satisfactory for him (there's nothing more satisfying than putting a bullet in his head, though, bringing the big bad wolfe in one shot). Note the level 10 broken toaster next to him.
  • By the exit is the aforementioned slave pen, with several characters there. Whetstone is a top level armor seller with two full sets of spectrum and power armor, and also provides additional information about the Scar Collectors. Stitches heals you up for $200 apiece. The main compound is defended by explosive cannons at the entrance, which can 86 your entire Ranger team in two turns. Best enter through the side if you're hostile (if you have Ironclad Cordite, you can just waltz right in). The door to Liberty Buchanan's office is at the north end, flanked by the Payaso compound on the west side (with Lecherito and the Bargain Clown trader) and the Scar Collectors (Steel-Trap, Beta Master) and Godfishers (Haloed Moon, Star-that-Dreams) to the east.
Note that entering Liberty Buchanan locks you into the endgame.


Gang compound

Notable loot[]